Shivalinga cannot be carbon dated; ASI in High Court Gyanvapi Case: Carbon dating of ‘shivling’ cannot be done ASI tells High Court Breaking News

The Archaeological Survey of India has said that the Shiva lingam, said to have been found in the Gyanvapi temple, cannot be carbon dated. The Director General of the ASI submitted a preliminary report to the Allahabad High Court stating that the inspection would damage the Shivalinga. The Archaeological Survey of India also told the court that carbon dating is not scientific as there are no fossils present. The ASI also sought three months’ time from the court to inform whether it is possible to determine the age through other scientific methods. On the fourth of this month, the Allahabad High Court asked to inform if there is any way to decide the date. On the 14th of last month, the District Court of Varanasi had rejected the plea of ​​Hindu women who asked for carbon dating to be done to determine the age of the Shivlinga.

Gyanvapi case: Carbon dating of ‘shivling’ cannot be carried out, ASI tells High Court

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