So the sales have skyrocketed. Order online for the whole school. After the Mor Lam Cluster, the students were infected – Fresh News

Loei Yot is still rising Schools order online classes 100 percent after the Mo Lam cluster, the school is infected with a high risk.

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On 19 Jan. 65 reporters reported that The situation of Covid-19 infection in Loei Province is still spreading widely. There are large infections in multiple clusters. Recently, there has been a large group of infections from the wedding between January 13-16, there has been a widespread infection and spread in many districts. Mo Lam cluster Restaurants in Mueang Loei District There is still an increase in the number of infected people.

From the report of the Loei Provincial Medical and Public Health Emergency Operations Center Today, there are 94 new cases, 92 in the area, 2 outside the area, with 617 high-risk cases requiring follow-up, with 8,092 cumulative high-risk exposures.

in the wedding cluster Several events took place between January 13-16, and many people have tested positive for COVID-19 and are currently under observation. with the infection spreading over a wide area in many districts As for the restaurant cluster in Mueang Loei District There has been an epidemic that has infected more than 13 districts, spreading widely. 22 new cases have been confirmed, bringing the total to 168 cases from the cluster.

Mo Lam cluster At the event at Wat Pa Sammanusorn, Ban Khokmon, Pha Noi Subdistrict, Wang Saphung District, the infection spread to students. of Sri Songkhram Wittaya School, Wang Saphung District, until the school ordered the suspension of teaching at the school (On site) to provide online teaching instead of 100% at all levels, with 6 students infected from this cluster and many high-risk exposures Authorities have expedited searches for high-risk ATK tests, including classmates, teachers and school staff.

As for the Loei Provincial Public Health Office has prepared to set up another CI center or district-level community covid center at the 28th Military District, Sri Song Rak Camp up to prepare for the patient expected to increase the number of patients



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