Solve the secret of “Kulao Tak Bai fish”, APEC 2022 menu. Why is it so delicious it is called “King of Salted Fish”

Solve the secret of “Kulao Tak Bai fish”, APEC 2022 menu. Why is it so delicious it is called “King of Salted Fish”
01 Pla Kulao dry leaves Selected as ingredient serving leaders in APEC 2022 menu
get to know the wisdom of “Kulao Tak Bai Fish”, the ultimate delicacy served on the stage of APEC 2022, which is very meticulous in every stage of production until it is known as the “King of salted fish” which comes with an expression “People who eat don’t buy. Buyers don’t eat.”

“Pla Kulao Tak Bai” or “Salted Kulao Fish Tak Bai” is a 5-star OTOP from Tak Bai District, Narathiwat Province, which has long been famous for its deliciousness in unique flavors. Until it was named “King of salted fish”, which is considered one of the must-visit goods in Narathiwat Province, if anyone has tasted it, it must be enchanted .

Bai Kulao Fish Selected as ingredient serving leaders in APEC 2022 menu
Tak Bai Kulao fish has been reaffirmed once again by a Michelin starred chef. “Chumpol Jangprai” selected as one of the raw materials of the menu served at the official dinner (Gala Dinner) of the 2022 APEC Leaders’ Summit held on 17 November 2022 at the Royal Thai Navy Auditorium

In addition, sin tax media releases fake news stories. “Fake Tak Bai Kulao Fish” makes people more interested in eating real Kulao Tak Bai fish from the source even more.

When drying Kulao fish, the head must be hung down.
So, we would like to take you to know the wisdom of Tak Bai Kulao fish. together with explaining the secret of the deliciousness of the king of salted fish of the Tak Bai area.

Birth of Kulao fish in Tak Bai

Kulao fish is a fish with a lot of meat, sweet, oily, tasty, with only a bone in the middle. Can eat the whole body Even the head can be eaten.

In our house, Kulao fish are found in the southern seas along the Gulf of Thailand in the provinces of Songkhla, Pattani and Narathiwat. Narathiwat Province is another abundant source of Kulau fish. In addition, the fish meat has a unique delicious taste.

Kulao dried fish ready to cook
About the origin of Bai Kulao fish. Derived from overseas Chinese in the past who migrated to make a living in Che He Market, Tak Bai District, Narathiwat Province, and saw that there was an abundance of Kulau fish here so he started making salted Ku Lao fish. When it is made out, it tastes delicious. Many people ate it and were addicted. The name of this salted Kulao fish has spread far and wide. Born as the origin of the name “Kulao Tak Bai Fish” or “Salted Kulao Fish at Tak Bai” continues to grow to this day

Currently, Tak Bai Kulao fish is registered as a Geographical Indication (GI) product from the Intellectual Property Department. which in addition to guaranteeing the quality of the product Ku Lao’s salted fish making wisdom from the Tak Bai area is one of Thailand’s amazing good things.

Bai Kulao fish can be eaten whole.  Even the head was delicious.
detailed in terms of production

The deliciousness of Kulao Tak Bai fish, known as the king of salted fish, has 2 main factors: “nature” a “Production process” which is the crystallization of local wisdom that has been accumulated from generation to generation

– “nature” : Comes from the Kulao fish selection in Tak Bai District, which is the Thailand-Malaysia border area. What has a special feature is that it is a fish of 3 waters, namely Sungai Genting River Malaysia, Bangnara River, Narathiwat Province, Thailand, and Sungai-Klok River. of the Sankara Khiri mountains which cover areas of Thailand and Malaysia

detailed process at each stage
For this reason, the waters of these 3 rivers are rich in nutrients for Kulao fish. which is a live fish on the ground Naturally, the fish of Tak Bai Kulao has a delicious taste that is different from other places.

– “Production process” : The process of making Kulao Tak Bai fish is considered a distinctive “salted fish wisdom” of villagers in Tak Bai District. By the way, the secret to the deliciousness of Kulao Tak Bai fish is to choose quality fish. Mostly fresh fish caught in Tak Bai Area and Narathiwat Sea only. (Do not use fish that have been out of the water for more than 2 and a half hours.)

When you get fresh fish It will be brought into the production process which is done very carefully in every step. Each fish has its own unique recipe. But the main production process is similar, that is, when a fresh fish is obtained, it will be scaled and gutted and the stumps will be discarded. Clean thoroughly.

it must be marinated with Pattani sweet salt only
Then it will be cured, and it must be “sweet salt” only from Pattani Because of its low salinity and its unique taste unlike other salts, when it ferments for about 2 nights, it will be dried in the sun for about 3 weeks.

Meanwhile, there will be something special that is unique to Kulao Tak Bai fish. A must have fish massage. (with round glass bottles such as liquor bottles, fish bottles) alternating with drying for fine fish meat, soft and even

Massage the fish until the meat is soft and tender throughout the body.
When bringing the fish to the sun, the head of the fish must hang down only. So when exposed to the sun, the heat will make the eels greasy, giving the fish a golden yellow colour. In the early days of drying fish, which had a strong (smooth) smell to attract insects, the heads of large fish were wrapped in paper to prevent the insects from laying eggs. (As for the small fish, there is no need to wrap)

For the extremely important thing in drying the fish in Absolutely do not fish with worms. If the fish has worms, it indicates that the fish is spoiled. Nowadays, many shops prefer to spread nets for fish when drying. to prevent insects from laying eggs

New Age Bai Kulao fish are dried in a net.
Once it has dried for a certain period of time, it can be sold. These days, many stores will have products beautifully packaged in boxes. All authentic Tak Bai Kulao fish are made by villagers (in Tak Bai District) who insist on being chemical free fish.

king of salted fish

For a special taste (better than other salty fish) the Kulao Tak Bai fish. It is a smooth fish. Good salty taste When frying, there will be a good smell that kicks the nose and tempts the saliva (some people say that the smell stays in 3 houses, 8 houses).

Deep fried Kulao Bai fish The sweet aroma hits the nose.
After frying Crispy fish skin The fish meat is firm, smooth, fluffy, fine (melt in the mouth kind) All parts of the fish can be eaten from head to tail. (But the meat part will be the coolest) Who will eat Ku Lao fish fried hot, lift it from the pan or bring it to a spicy salad, squeeze a lime, a slice of shallot, and chilies to down It’s delicious.

Apart from fried and spicy salad Nara people also use kulao fish to make a variety of other dishes, such as fried rice with salted kulao fish. Kale with salted kulau fish, kulau fish stew, stewed kulau fish egg or other menu as you wish

Spicy Salad with Bai Kulao Fish The menu is not to be missed.
with a delicious name Cause the Kulao Tak Bai fish to have a very expensive selling price Currently, it drops to at least 1,500-1,800 baht per kilogram (or more). depending on the size of the fish), which makes the people of Tak Bai or Nara tend to buy it as a gift to the elders Or send it to someone who respects each other. Until it became the rhetoric of the people of Bang Nara that

“Kulao Tak Bai fish It is a fish that people cannot eat without buying it. Buyers don’t eat.”

However, although the price of Tak Bai Kulao fish is known to be more expensive than general salted fish, it does not seem to be a deterrent for those who enjoy eating. The more the delicious reputation of Tak Bai Kulao fish is reinforced by being one of the APEC 2022 menu ingredients, the more it makes Kulao fish sell well. Until many of you can’t keep up

Kale with dried fish
So, anyone who wants to eat Kulao fish has to order from a known restaurant first (call. Order or order through the page) and sometimes has to wait for a month. Depending on the season there are more or less fish or no fish. In which there are many fish in the months of November-March.

For those who have the opportunity to go to Tak Bai and try to take the risk to order fish in the shop without ordering. If anyone is lucky enough to get Kulau fish to eat, they joke that people will eat Kulao Tak Bai fish. Not only getting money, but also getting “merit”

Tak Bai Kulao fish, a good product of Nara king of salted fish

Comments: The article refers to part of the content. “Kulao Tak Bai” the king of salted fish An amazing delicacy…“People who can’t eat don’t buy it. Buyers don’t eat.”


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