Special Edition, Yongsan Fire Chief Resumed… Suspicion of ‘delay in response period’

  • Choi Seong-beom Yongsan Fire Station Chief <사진=연합뉴스>

    Yongsan Fire Chief Choi Seong-beom, who is accused of not announcing the fire-fighting response step in time at the time of the 10.29 disaster, will be investigated again today (26th) by the National Agency Special Investigation Headquarters the Police (special version).

    The special edition has been calling and investigating fire chief Choi for the second time as a suspect, suspected of homicide on the job as of this morning. Five days have passed since Chief Fire Officer Choi’s first summons on the 21st.

    Chief Choi attended the Mapo Investigation Office of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency at 9:45 am today and entered the investigation room after telling reporters, “I will diligently respond to the investigation and tell you.”

    Chief Choi is accused of increasing human casualties with a poor response, such as the late announcement of the second phase of the response immediately after the disaster. On the other hand, Chief Choi is in the position that the second phase of the response announced by the head of the Seoul Fire and Disaster Headquarters was not too late because he was interested in rescue and first aid activities.

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