‘Sportsman’ Kim Min-kyung wearing the Taegeuk mark… Taking part in an IPSC shooting competition

YouTube ‘Let’s do it! Captured from ‘Workout from today’

‘Athletic’ comedian Kim Min-kyung wears the Taegeuk mark and participates in the IPSC (International Shooting Sports Federation) shooting competition.

On the 11th, iHQ web entertainment channel ‘Let’s do it! Starting today, the sports team said, “Kim Min-kyung will participate in the ‘2022 IPSC Handgun World Shoot’ held in Thailand from the 19th as a national representative.”

IPSC Handgun World Shooting 2022 is an IPSC LV.5 shooting competition with 1,600 participants from over 100 countries, and boasts the largest scale in the world. Due to the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), it was held for the first time in three years, adding significance.

Starting with the IPSC LV.4 qualification test held at IPSC KOREA (Korea Practical Shooting Federation) in June, Kim Min-kyung was confirmed as a final member after going through a national selection game. It puts an end to the rumors of taking part in the competition that have been mentioned constantly since the start of the IPSC chapter.

Kim Min-kyung appeared as a comedian in the 23rd KBS open recruitment in 2008. He made a mark on the small screen through the KBS ‘Gag Concert’, and in 2015, he joined the iHQ entertainment show ‘Delicious Guys’ as Hong Il-jeom and began to show his presence. Afterwards, the ‘Delicious Guys’ spin-off, ‘Let’s Do It! Starting today, it appeared in ‘Workout Fat’, etc. and emerged as a trend.

Kim Min-kyung, who hated exercise in the past, happened to discover that he is a ‘muscle spoon’ (a person with a lot of muscle by nature) during the broadcast of ‘Delicious Guys’. With his innate motor nerves, his ability to learn any exercise quickly became a hot topic, earning him the nickname ‘exercise fat’, and his program ‘Do it by order! Starting today, ‘Workout Fat’ recently celebrated its 100th episode.

Kim Min-kyung, who received the Taegeuk mark after over a year of learning IPSC, works hard to practice every day to achieve the best results as a national representative of the Republic of Korea. The first IPSC shooting competition challenger Kim Min-kyung will be released 4 times through the YouTube channel ‘Delicious Guys’ in December.

Reporter Kim So-young, Donga.com sykim41@donga.com

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