Summary of Apple watchOS 10 after the official launch with new features?

Summary of Apple watchOS 10 with new features After launching at WWDC 2023, summarize the details after the overhaul of the new smart watch, how does it have special features? Click to read all the specifications bundled here.

at WWDC 2023 from An apple Last night (June 6th) Apple releases watchOS 10 Complete watch face design overhaul for watchOS 10, summarized below.

The first feature of watchOS 10

The first thing you will see is the watch face of watchOS 10. The dial also has a smart step. Time to increase the injury, turn the digital cloud button, press the timer. Leave the home screen, rotate the digital cloud screen.

watchOS 10 applications

symmetrical new look of both weather applications The exercise app has come For users to see more easily

watchOS 10 watch face

There are two new watch faces: Palette and Snoopy. Palette displays the time in multiple colors using triple overlays. and over time the color on the screen will also change.

applications for exercise

Apple Watch watchOS 10 takes this popular activity to the next level with new metrics, views and experiences. A higher model has a cycling speed sensor, an algorithm or a team to evaluate the value, measure the intensity level to display, can also connect to the bike.


watchOS 10, the Compass app It automatically creates two new waypoints: Last Cellular Connection Route, which predicts the last point with a cellular signal. This can be useful for reading messages or making calls. And in an emergency, Last Emergency Call Waypoint estimates the point on the route that his device last connected to any carrier’s network. so that emergency calls can be updated Automatically create two waypoints Emergency Make an emergency call Upload a 3D map Show a topographic map This new feature will be used in the United States first.

A meditation app in watches

Users can use the Meditation app in 10 watches to record their momentary and daily moods privately and conveniently. Turn the Digital Crown to scroll through interesting multi-dimensional shapes. Then choose the shape that matches their feelings. Or the shape that has the most emotional impact on them? and explain their own feelings.

source: An apple


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