Announcer Jo Jung-sik leaves SBS following Jae-jae… “Resignation pending”

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SBS announcer Cho Jung-sik. Seized Joon-sik’s Instagram account

SBS announcer Jo Jung-sik (36) is leaving the company.

On the 8th, reported that Jo Jung-sik recently expressed his intention to resign from the company.

When the resignation was announced, SBS told MK Sports, “The resignation has not yet been accepted and the departure date has not been decided.”

Jo Jung-sik joined SBS in the 18th public recruitment in 2012 and played an active role as host of SBS Power FM’s ‘Jo Jeong-sik’s Sound of Music’, cultural programs ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Morning Wide’.

He is currently responsible for the liberal arts program ‘Man in Black Box’ and SBS Power FM’s ‘Jo Jung-sik’s Fun Fun Today’ programme. It is not yet known whether the two programs will be dropped or not.

Earlier, after leaving SBS, announcer Bae Seong-jae has been working as a DJ for Power FM’s ‘Bae Seong-jae’s Ten’, and PD Jae-jae (real name Lee Eun-jae), and announced the resignation recently, continues to appear on the entertainment web ‘Civilization Express’.