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[Surprised by making a case]How arrogant is Fu Zhenghua and Sun Lijun?Behind the scenes | News report surprises | Persecution of Falun Gong | Xi Jinping

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[Epoch Times October 05, 2021]Hello, everyone, and welcome to “News Shooting Surprise”, my name is Daewoo.

Today’s focus: Sun Lijun can enter and exit the military poison laboratory at will! Private possession of secrets to Australia? ! Fu Zhenghua was scolded as a villain inside and out; was named by “Pandora Documents” and pro-communists furiously threatened; Hong Kong will establish 23 articles next year; the United States does not rule out the initiation of 301 investigations against the Chinese Communist Party; Aircraft carrier military exercise.

[Fu Zhenghua was criticized by the Beijing police overnight by the scolded villain “Big Chief”]

The dismissal of Fu Zhenghua, the former Deputy Minister of Public Security of the Communist Party of China, the director of the 610 Office, and the Minister of Justice, has been discussed in recent days. What is rare is that many mainlanders have posted to celebrate Fu Zhenghua’s fall. What is even more rare is that the mainland The public security system and even some prisons are celebrating. I mentioned this to you in the program yesterday.

On October 3, Beijing veteran media person Gao Yu reposted on his Twitter account a screenshot of the commentary of the well-known large-scale “Jellyfish True Detective Agency” in Beijing’s public security circles, which showed that a group of Beijing police officers sacked the 66-year-old Fu Zhenghua. Some people said that the blood-stained Dingdai Hualing would have retribution sooner or later, and those who relied on cleaning up the grassroots police in exchange for climbing capital would not end well.

Some police officers also revealed that Fu Zhenghua tossed the police in the public security system, causing the CCP police to be exhausted and complaining. When he arrived at the Ministry of Justice, he moved the tossing police set to the prison system, so the prison system people were also dissatisfied with him.

The screenshots shared by Gao Yu, as well as the social media from the prison system, “Sky at the Four Corners of the Wall”, said that under Fu Zhenghua, there are still police officers in drug rehabilitation centers in prisons across the country. Because of him, the average life expectancy has not been reduced. few. Other prisons asked each other, Fu Zhenghua dismissed, can you set off firecrackers, or can you beat gongs and drums? It’s all like this. Many people in the CCP’s public security and judicial systems behave in a state of joy.

What they talk about the most is the so-called “eye-eye shift” ordered by Fu Zhenghua. In short, they are all prisons and drug rehabilitation centers all over the country. The night shift beds are completely removed. The police are required to stand guard overnight and not close their eyes to prevent criminals from fleeing. The cause is Not long after Fu Zhenghua became Minister of Justice in 2018, criminals fled from a prison in Lingyuan, Liaoning. Therefore, Fu Zhenghua established such a famous hall in the country and was scolded by prison guards everywhere. It turned out that he might not dare to scold publicly, but now that Fu Zhenghua is down, it’s different.

Gao Yu said in a tweet: On the morning of October 2nd, on the day of Fu Zhenghua’s fall, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, which used to call him the “big chief,” immediately convened a special meeting to resolutely eliminate Fu Zhenghua’s influx of drugs, and launched a response to this once “big chief.” The verbal and penal writing. Convening such a meeting is not only a political task, but it is estimated that it will also give many CCP police a chance to make trouble.

Of course, these CCP policemen and prisoners have the side of ordinary people, but when doing things for the CCP, they also do a lot of evil. Directly arresting, beating, and persecuting ordinary Chinese are also the tasks of these people. Execution does not rule out that there may be something that is not so bad, but there are also a considerable number of people, compared with Fu Zhenghua, may not be much better, but the level is not enough, and the ability to do bad things is limited.

They complained about Fu Zhenghua because Fu Zhenghua instigated them to persecute human rights day and night, making them very exhausted. But, if you say that if Fu Zhenghua wants them to catch bad people and benefit the people, that’s nothing, but on the contrary, what Fu Zhenghua asks these policemen to do is bad things that persecute human rights. Fu Zhenghua also offended both inside and outside for this, which is really a true portrayal of the term “evil fulfilment.”

[Fu Zhenghua brutally persecuted Falun Gong “709” and arrested nearly 300 lawyers a day]

We also mentioned in the program yesterday. From January 2015 to February 2018, Fu Zhenghua served as the director of the “Central 610 Office”, a specialized agency for the CCP to persecute Falun Gong. When he was the director of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau and the party secretary, he beat Falun Gong practitioners ruthlessly, and a large number of people were kidnapped. During his tenure in Beijing, it was reported that there were at least Falun Gong practitioners who were tortured to death in Beijing. 18 people, including Cui Feng’e, Li Jinpeng, Gao Dezhong and others.

According to some data, in 2012, the police in Beijing illegally kidnapped at least 343 Falun Gong practitioners, at least 259 in 2014, and 609 in 2015, which is a very large scale. The CCP has tightly sealed these figures on the number of people who died from the persecution, as well as the data on arrests. The outsiders have only the tip of the iceberg.

After Fu Zhenghua became the head of the National 610 Office dedicated to the persecution of Falun Gong, he just caught up with the upsurge of Falun Gong practitioners all over the world in prosecuting Jiang Zemin, the culprit of the persecution in 2015. At that time, the Supreme Court of the Communist Party of China announced the so-called “If there is a case, the lawsuit must be dealt with.” After that, at least hundreds of thousands of people around the world are known to have written complaints to the Supreme Court of the Communist Party of China, including Falun Gong practitioners in various places in Mainland China. Fu Zhenghua manipulated the 610 system to arrest and sentence those who participated in the prosecution of Jiang Zemin across the country.

Later, in 2017, it ordered the implementation of the so-called “knock on the door”, which was to order public security agencies across the country to go door-to-door to Falun Gong practitioners’ homes according to the list to go to the so-called “care”. In fact, they understood the situation and forced the relevant personnel to write the “three books.” The three books refer to the CCP’s “Guarantee,” “Repentance Letter,” and “Disruption Letter” for compelling faith groups to give up their beliefs. Those who do not cooperate will be arrested and ransacked. Therefore, countless people have been persecuted.

In the 610 office, Fu Zhenghua also launched the so-called battle against Falun Gong practitioners who did not give up their beliefs and set “key targets for prevention and control”. He also sorted out his experience in suppressing Falun Gong. In 2017, he opened the experience of suppressing Falun Gong in Chengdu. Exchange meeting to promote persecution experience to mainland counterparts.

Fu Zhenghua does this not only to this group, but also to human rights lawyers. Fu Zhenghua was one of the main manipulators of the “709 arrest” on July 9, 2015. On that day, at least 300 human rights lawyers in 23 provinces and cities across the country were arrested, summoned, tortured, etc., and various tortures used in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners and forced to renounce their faith were transferred to human rights lawyers, including deprivation of sleep and smoking their faces. , Electric shock, hanging torture, beating, and feeding unknown drugs, etc. This person has no sympathy for his colleagues, and can be described as dedicated and cruel in implementing the CCP’s repressive policies. In fact, he is one of the representatives of the “cruel officials” under the CCP’s rule. Yes, one, because there are many other people. The claws of the CCP are not only Fu Zhenghua alone. Today we are talking about him.

[Wealthy businessman Xu Chongyang was involved in Jiang Hudou and witnessed the Jiang school coup “madness”]

Friends who have been following Chinese news may remember a person named “Xu Chongyang”. He was a businessman in Wuhan and a billionaire, but his billions of assets were occupied by CCP officials. In 2011, he criticized the then Chongqing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Bo. Xilai’s remarks were quickly arrested by the CCP authorities and detained in a secret location in Beijing. At that time, it was Fu Zhenghua who was the chief of Beijing Public Security. In 2019, Xu Chongyang’s 18,000-word long accusation against Fu Zhenhua also revealed evidence that Fu Zhenghua was involved in Bo Xilai and Zhou Yongkang’s coup.

Let’s talk a little bit about this matter in detail. This Xu Chongyang, and his wife Qiao Li, established a company in Hubei in 2002 and did a good business, but later encountered four consecutive fraud incidents. The assets of 140 million yuan disappeared, and there were three villas in Hubei. , It’s all gone.

In 2007, as a U.S. citizen, Qiao Li sent a courier from the U.S. to Hu Jintao, then General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, asking him for help. Xu Chongyang later gave Hu Jintao a brush writing as a thank you, which was passed to Hu Jintao through the General Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China. Of the office. Xu Chongyang once told the media that these four cases were all committed by the brother of a senior official of the State Council of the Communist Party of China under the guise of fake notarization and a fake company. Subsequently, the Wuhan businessman embarked on the road to Beijing to defend his rights.

After Xu Chongyang arrived in Beijing, he reported the situation to the then U.S. ambassador to China. He also contacted Xi Jinping’s relatives, including the calligraphy sent to Hu Jintao a few years ago. All of these became “another group of people” within the Chinese Communist system in 2011. Material of interest. This group of people are Bo Xilai and Zhou Yongkang of the Jiang school, as well as Fu Zhenghua, who is of a lower rank.

The reason is that in 2011, Xu Chongyang also disclosed to the media that the municipal party committee secretary Bo Xilai should bear the responsibility for the 46 people drowned at the Chaotianmen Wharf in Chongqing, and he also exposed that Bo Xilai received the then political and legal committee secretary Zhou Yongkang. support. This immediately offended the Jiang faction and Zhou Bo. It was on the eve of Xi Jinping’s 18th National Congress that Bo Xilai had not fallen off the horse, and he was still waiting to crush Xi Jinping and enter Beijing to take up his post.

Therefore, on April 20, 2011, Xu Chongyang in Beijing received a phone call. The caller claimed to be from the “Central Office”, saying that he had received a response and that a “chief” wanted to meet him. But before this matter had anything to do, he was kidnapped by Fu Zhenghua and his brother Fu San in the dormitory building of China University of Political Science and Law on the same day.

Xu Chongyang was taken to a secret location in Beijing and was tortured and interrogated and detained for at least two months. Perhaps at this time, Xu Chongyang slowly learned that he had been involved in the Jiang faction group plotting the coup and was fighting with Xi Jinping and Hu Jintao. .

After Xu Chongyang was taken to a secret location, he began to be interrogated. The interrogator came up and asked, saying that Bo Xilai was going to participate in the next CCP leadership competition. Who instructed you to come out and disrupt Bo Xilai’s entry into Beijing? Who asked you to find Hu Jintao? Moreover, why is the responsibility for the drowning of people at the Chaotianmen Pier in Chongqing being transferred to Bo Xilai?

Xu Chongyang only learned at that time that his phone calls with Xi Jinping’s relatives and his contacts with the US Embassy in China were all eavesdropped by Fu Zhenghua, and they had also grasped the matter of sending Hu Jintao’s writing brushes. During the interrogation, Xu Chongyang was stripped naked and hung up because his feet could not touch the ground and his body was still shaking. Later, there was video evidence of this incident, which was provided by the police internally after Bo Zhou fell from the horse. The content of the video was more violent.

In the process of hanging torture, Xu Chongyang was tortured, his teeth were knocked out and his ribs were discounted. The interrogator scolded him while he was being tried, and said unabashedly that he “would be a judge if he was dressed, and would be a gangster if he was undressed.” This is indeed a true portrayal of the CCP’s thugs. Wu Yongwen, the secretary of the Hubei Political and Legal Committee, who was in charge of the Xu Chongyang case at the time, was a member of Bo Xilai. He worked with Zhou Yongkang and Fu Zhenghua in Beijing to turn Xu Chongyang’s case into a political ammunition attacking the then Hu Jintao government.

For example, in the process of torture, Xu Chongyang was forced to admit the so-called “smearing” of Bo Xilai because he was instigated by the Hu Jintao authorities, and Xu Chongyang was asked to admit that he was an American spy, and he was even asked to admit that he was a Falun Gong practitioner. Taking the opportunity to discredit Falun Gong. In addition, during the secret detention, a policeman named Li Nan asked Xu Chongyang to organize some people to demonstrate to Xi Jinping’s relatives surnamed Qi. Because Xu Chongyang is considered an “overseas Chinese businessman,” the Jiang faction intends to use this to create international influence and try to prevent it. When Xi Jinping came to power, he pushed Bo Xilai to the top.

[Fu Zhenghua is rather thin and yells at superior subordinates: get rid of Hu Jintao and monitor Xi Jinping]

We mentioned at the beginning of today’s program that Xu Chongyang wrote a 18,000-word long accusation against Fu Zhenghua and others in 2019, which reiterated the history of his secret detention, and some of the details recorded in it are truly restored. This reflects the “madness” of Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai, and Fu Zhenghua.

Xu Chongyang recorded in the accusation letter that during his arrest in Beijing, Fu Zhenghua had personally extorted a confession on many occasions, and said in person: Secretary Zhou Yongkang said that because you ruined Bo Xilai’s chairmanship, you must be punished to death.

Other policemen involved in the interrogation, Fu Zhenghua’s minions, threatened Xu Chongyang during the interrogation: Do you still dare to pass materials to Xi Jinping and his cousin, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Hu Jintao, do you know? Hu Jintao is a silly X. As long as our boss orders him, we will get rid of him. Xi Jinping’s cousin is also under our control. We also know that you went to Tsinghua University to find Hu Jintao’s wife. Let me tell you, our boss Fu will soon become the minister of the Ministry of Public Security, and soon will be the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee. If you don’t cooperate, you will have to die at that time.

Fu Zhenghua’s younger brother, the person who interrogated Xu Chongyang was called “Fu Lao San” and sometimes appeared at the scene during the interrogation. A policeman pointed to Fu Lao San and said that this is Fu Zhenghua’s own brother, let alone spying on you. Being monitored, what are you. And said to Xu Chongyang: We announced to the outside world that it was Xi who ordered you to be arrested, to kill you, and to stigmatize him.

This case is one of the cases in which Fu Zhenghua, as Zhou Bo’s eagle dog, directly participated in the persecution and tried to concoct black material on political struggles.


Fu Zhenghua has never been an “honest person” after Xi Jinping took office. There is also Sun Lijun who resembles him. On October 4, Yuan Hongbing, a well-known jurist living abroad, gave an example of the contradiction between Fu Zhenghua and Sun Lijun and Xi Jinping in a commentary in The Epoch Times, concerning Xi Jinping’s cronies, “Wang Xiaohong.”

Wang Xiaohong is the current Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Public Security. After Xi Jinping took office at the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, his career went smoothly and he quickly rose to the top. This also caused dissatisfaction between Fu Zhenghua and Sun Lijun, because Wang Xiaohong was born in Fujian and was a small local official. He was quickly reused after entering Beijing. This caused the jealousy of the other two people. Wang Xiaohong also worked against the other two. After Wang Xiaohong entered the Ministry of Public Security as a senior official, he kept discovering the “assassions” planned by Xi Jinping by some people within the public security system, but the specific planners were not particularly high-level, and they were all local public security chiefs, including Hubei, Hunan, and Hunan. In Chongqing and other places, they hated Xi Jinping because their faction was purged.

Yuan Hongbing said that the reason why Xi Jinping is still alive is because the Chinese Communist Party has a relatively high-end method to protect it, which has made repeated assassinations unsuccessful. And Xi Jinping’s decision to clean up the national political and legal system has a lot to do with the assassination.

In addition, a commentator named Zhang Jie revealed that the outbreak of the anti-send in Hong Kong was one of the political setbacks since the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party. He didn’t notice it, which made Xi Jinping very dissatisfied with Sun Lijun, then director of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office of the Ministry of Public Security.

Then in 2020, when the virus plague broke out, Sun Lijun, who has a background in public health management, voluntarily asked to work in Wuhan. Later, he did go as a member of the Wuhan Anti-epidemic Supervision Team. However, Sun Lijun’s concern became more and more. It makes people feel suspicious. For example, he went to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for investigation and asked the local government and the Institute of Virology to provide disease data.

This drew the attention of Wang Xiaohong and Xi Jinping. At the same time, the authorities discovered that Sun Lijun had secretly communicated closely with Australia’s overseas CCTV anchor “Cheng Lei”. He came as a bargaining chip in the political struggle, so he quickly won Sun Lijun. Cheng Lei was also arrested. Sun Lijun was arrested when he was participating in the so-called “anti-epidemic” work in Wuhan in April 2020.

When the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection announced on September 30 that Sun Lijun had been “double-opened”, it said that Sun Lijun had privately collected a large amount of confidential materials. What kind of material was this? Radio France mentioned in a report on October 2 that Sun Lijun was sent to Wuhan to work in 2020, not for the purpose of preventing the epidemic. As a representative of the Ministry of Public Security, he used to grasp the inside story of the epidemic and data on deaths and injuries. In fact, he was sent to blockade. According to the news, Sun Lijun even reached the point of “shrouding the sky with one hand” in Wuhan, controlling the content of telephone communications between Wuhan and the central government, and he was able to enter and exit the Wuhan Virus P4 laboratory at will. Therefore, the report hinted that Sun Lijun’s private possession of a large amount of privately released materials, perhaps It includes the deep secrets of the CCP virus.

Hu Ping, the honorary editor-in-chief of “Beijing Spring”, believes that privately amplifying classified materials is a key crime, because he himself has heard the news about how Sun Lijun leaked the secrets of the virus epidemic to Australia. This is why, Australia Later, he was particularly tough on the CCP on the issue of tracing the source of the epidemic.

The well-known human rights lawyer Chen Guangcheng wrote to Radio Free Asia on October 4 to comment on the incident of Fu Zhenghua’s fall and Sun Lijun’s double opening. It is said that these people are by no means good, but of course what they fall into is also “not” in the net of justice, but the retribution of bad people is a good thing to say, but this good thing is only superficial. Because catching a few cruel officials such as Fu Zhenghua and Sun Lijun did not touch the essence of the CCP problem, and only when the people really stood up and carried out a large trial against the CCP tyranny group would it truly be a manifestation of justice. Honestly!

[Hong Kong intends to establish 23 “Pandora Documents” in 2022 to name Tung Chee-hwa and Leung Chun-ying]

At present, although Sun Lijun and Fu Zhenghua have gone down. However, the CCP is still actively promoting various draconian laws, including plans to complete the legislation of Article 23 of Hong Kong’s Basic Law in the first half of next year. This is the news disclosed by Tan Yaozong, a member of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of the Communist Party of China in Hong Kong on October 3. He said that the implementation of the “National Security Law” laid the foundation for Article 23 legislation, but he emphasized that this is currently only his personal estimate.

But since I said it, there must be a reason. Article 23 of the Basic Law refers to Article 23 of Hong Kong’s Basic Law, to the effect that Hong Kong should enact laws on its own to prohibit any acts of treason, secession, or sedition, and prohibit foreign political organizations or groups in Hong Kong. For political activities, the corresponding organizations or groups are also prohibited from establishing contacts with foreign political organizations or groups.

This piece of legislation is actually a stick for the CCP. Any international group, as long as you raise an objection to the CCP, can say that you are a foreign political group, thus prohibiting your existence in Hong Kong. Therefore, Hong Kong tried to promote this Article 23 legislation in 2003, but 500,000 Hong Kong people took to the streets to oppose it. Now the CCP will have another wave in 2022. I have a hunch that in 2022, it may be very difficult.

And later on October 3, a large newly announced document also involved some establishment politicians in Hong Kong. This is the International League of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) released a large database called the “Pandora Document”. The computer can occupy nearly 3,000 gigabytes of storage.

According to the alliance, this is the result of a secret investigation of more than 600 journalists from 150 media organizations in 117 countries around the world, revealing more than 11.9 million confidential financial documents of all kinds across the world, with a total of 330 political figures and 130 in the world. The rich people on the Forbes rankings were named, and many other royal family members, world celebrities, etc. were also involved, mainly revealing their “offshore funds” hidden around the world. Among them, it also includes 35 current and former world leaders.

The document describes the establishment of an offshore company and tax avoidance network by King Abdullah II of Jordan and his possession of US$100 million worth of real estate in California, London, and Washington. Former British Prime Minister Blair was also named, saying that he used offshore companies to avoid taxes. A staff member related to Russian President Putin was named as having secret assets in Morocco.

However, this document, which is generally called a “tsunami,” does not name any high-ranking party and government officials of the Chinese Communist Party, which is very strange. The only mainlander named was Feng Qiya, a representative of the Henan Provincial People’s Congress. Documents revealed that she established an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands in 2016.

However, the document exposed some politicians in Hong Kong. Including former chief executives Tung Chee-hwa and Liang Zhenying. This part was investigated by Hong Kong’s “Stance News”, which showed that Tung Chee-hwa involved at least 72 offshore companies and handled approximately US$1 million in current assets. During Liang Zhenying’s tenure as chief executive, he held a 30% stake in a Japanese company through two offshore companies, and later made a profit of 200,000 pounds.

Afterwards, Liang Zhenying threatened to respond on Facebook in the style of the CCP’s war wolf, saying, who is the editor of Position News, who is his wife, and why his wife is still in prison, and stop being a foreign agent.

In fact, the CCP should be the focus of this round of documents. It is a pity that this “Pandora Document” did not mention CCP officials, which greatly reduced the explosiveness of the news.

[Four key points of U.S. trade with China do not rule out the re-launch of 301 investigation]

On October 4, the speech of US Trade Representative Dai Qi seemed to be more concerned. Our program yesterday introduced to you the background and purpose of Dai Qi’s speech, which is to evaluate the first phase of the US-China trade agreement and outline the blueprint for the subsequent US trade policy towards China. Earlier when the US media interviewed her, she mentioned that she would not rule out maintaining the current tariffs and adding new tariffs to the CCP. Dai Qi has always been tough on the CCP, but I also shared with you yesterday that she can’t use her previous performance as a criterion. Everything depends on what she said in her last speech.

So on October 4, Dai Qi mainly mentioned four key points of China’s trade policy in her speech:

First, there will be a dialogue with the Chinese Communist Party Liu He to discuss the first phase of the US-China trade agreement, the performance of the Chinese Communist Party, and the Chinese Communist Party’s commitments in the agreement must be implemented. The dialogue will focus on the parts that the CCP has not fulfilled in the agreement, such as the purchase of US$200 billion in U.S. goods. These will be discussed in the dialogue to see how the CCP implements it;

Second, a targeted tariff exclusion procedure will be launched to ensure that tariffs serve the interests of the United States in the best way. In other words, some punitive tariffs on China that seem to have an impact on the United States will be eliminated, but it is also emphasized that they will not be excluded. In the future, additional tariffs will be added, and it will not be ruled out that a new 301 investigation will be initiated as the case may be;

Third, the United States is seriously concerned about the CCP’s government-centric non-market trade practices, such as government subsidies and forced technology transfer, which were not resolved in the first phase of the trade agreement;

Fourth, the United States will work with its allies to forge fair trade and technical rules, strengthen the global market, discuss the impact of the CCP’s actions, and find a common solution.

[56 common planes in a single day disturb Taiwan, the United States, Britain, Japan and other six countries and three aircraft carrier military exercises]

On the same day that Dai Qi released relevant speeches, on October 4, the CCP sent a total of 56 military aircraft to harass Taiwan’s southwest airspace, setting a new record for the number of military aircraft harassing Taiwan in a single day. During the day, there were 52 aircraft, and during the night, another 4 CCP aircraft disrupted the station.

From October 1st to 4th, there were a total of 149 sorties. The CCP’s actions against Taiwan are getting bigger and bigger. While training troops, it is also constantly testing the international response. If the international community cannot respond violently in time, then the CCP may have a larger-scale operation, and this possibility is very high. Judging from Dai Qi’s speech, soft but hard. At this time, the international community should respond reciprocally to the CCP’s unscrupulousness, otherwise the CCP will only become more and more rampant.

However, the United States and the United Kingdom announced on October 3 that they will hold a joint military exercise including three aircraft carriers in the Philippine Sea, southwest of Okinawa, Japan on Saturday and Sunday. There are 6 participating countries. In addition to the United States and Britain, there are four countries including Japan, Canada, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. This is a gesture of response to the CCP.

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