Total lucky numbers for this draw

Lucky numbers for this draw April 1, 2023 Let’s try to see what number will be left in this period. What news is popular? which we have collected for you to see Let us go and see. *** Please use discretion when viewing *** Lottery news: Quickly write the auspicious incense number “Taew Nathaphon”, dance […]

Gunfight in Chalong Krung housing estate 1 dead, 1 injured

At 1:36 pm, the incident happened.gun fight neighbourhoodChalong Krung Houses, Bangkok ward Lam Phak Chi police station 1 dead, 1 injured Por Tek Tung rescuers have arrived at the scene of the accident. Progress will be reported later.

Creak brakes! Police Captain Ying ended her resignation to travel the world after Phetchabun’s commander invited him to speak.

because the online world has shared documents requesting the resignation from the civil service of the Police Lieutenant Colonel (female), Deputy Inspector (Investigation), Muang Phetchabun Police Station, dated March 20, 2023, who will resign from the 30th April 2023, where the document refers to the reason for resignation wanting to travel the world in different […]