Mario Kart 9 is rumored to be in development. Comes with new features

Mario Kart 9 No announcement has been made yet, but information reveals that it’s in development. Today, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is still a hot seller for the Nintendo Switch, despite the game’s release in 2017. There are new articles from the site. About predictions about what will happen in the gaming industry from […]

TV application “ABEMA” is now available on Nintendo Switch.You can watch new animations, movies, and original programs for free.

CyberAgent Co., Ltd. is an Internet TV company that is developing “CyberAgent Co., Ltd.”ABEMA“ButNow available on Nintendo SwitchAnnounced. To the Nintendo eShop“ABEMA” appHas been added, and you can select the work you want to watch by downloading and launching the app. [Notice]You can now watch “ABEMA” on “Nintendo Switch”. [How to watch]STEP1: Download the “ABEMA” […]

Grandpa has arrived! Nintendo launches official website in Thai language

This is a major movement in the gaming industry when Nintendo, a giant game camp from Japan. has announced the official launch of the Thai language website Ready to move forward to the Southeast Asian market fully Nintendo started signaling that it was preparing to enter the Southeast Asian market since last October. with the […]