Pakistan faces nationwide power outage | Thai PBS News Thai PBS News

Pakistan has experienced a massive power outage across the country. affect a wide range of people And it also happens during the winter when the temperature in some areas drops to around 4 degrees, such events happen from morning to night. lasts more than 12 hours There was a failure in the power grid system […]

Nationwide power outage in Pakistan, power grid failure gradually restored | Reuters

Pakistan’s energy ministry announced on January 23 that a major disruption to the national power grid had occurred in the morning, causing power cuts across the country. FILE PHOTO: Karachi, Pakistan, December 2018. REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro [イスラマバード 23日 ロイター] – Pakistan’s energy ministry announced on Friday morning that there was a major disruption to the national […]

Kohli, Suriya, Pandya in ICC Twenty20 team- Virat kohli | Babar Azam | Sports

Dubai – Former India captain Virat Kohli has been included in last year’s ICC Twenty20 team. In addition to Kohli, Indian players Suryakumar Yadav and all-rounder Hardik Pandya have been included in the team which includes world-class players. Kohli’s batting performance in the Twenty20 World Cup 2022 brought him into the team. Meanwhile, Pakistan cricket […]

Pakistan is importing oil from Russia because of the energy crisis

In Pakistan, gas shortages and high oil prices have recently massively increased inflation. Now the country buys the raw material in Russia. Even in the Russian war of aggression and the associated Western sanctions, Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin can continue to count on buyers of Russian raw materials. While some countries, including Germany, are stopping […]

‘If you get more money if you throw four overs’..; Wasim Akram for Pakistan pacers | ‘If you get more money for playing only four overs’; Wasim Akram for Pakistan pacers

Former captain and legend Wasi Akram has shared his concern about the young fast bowlers in the Pakistan team. Akram expressed concern over the trend of pacers playing more Twenty20 franchise cricket than domestic red ball cricket. He told Cricket Pakistan that focusing on T20 cricket led to the pacers’ dismal performance in the recent […]

Akram said former coach is not going to Pakistan, foreign coaches fear Wasim Akram | Pakistan | Cricket | Mickey Arthur | Wasim Akram Pakistan Cricket | Mickey Arthur Sports | Manorama News | Cricket News | Malayalam Cricket News | Sports Magazine

Islamabad: After Najam Sethi became the head of Pakistan Cricket Board, a lot of work is happening in the field of Pakistan cricket. A new selection committee for Pakistan was formed under the leadership of Shahid Afridi. The Pakistan board is trying to bring back Mickey Arthur, who was the coach of Pakistan, as the […]

Did Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam have a cheeky chat with a teammate’s girlfriend? | Fact Check Pakistan captain Babar Azam Did Not Sext Cricketer Girlfriend – News18 Malayalam

Cricket team captain Babar Azam’s ‘obscene speech’ has become a hot topic in Pakistan. Video footage, images and audio were released in the name of Babar’s sex talk with his teammate’s girlfriend. But the latest thing that comes out is that it was not leaked from WhatsApp and it is just a satirical creation of […]