Onplaynet “Government must promote online platform fairness law”

‘Online platform fairness method (on-platform method) fails? Press conference to condemn the Yoon Seok-yeol government for raising unfairness under the pretext of self-regulation [ 사진제공=참여연대] [Today Newspaper Correspondent Park Se-jin]Civil society groups denounced the Yoon Seok-yeol administration and the National Assembly’s hold on to promote the online platform fairness law (on-plat law) and urged the […]

Domestic bio-health products, overseas recognition after Corona 19 (↑)

Dongwoo Han, Head of Health Industry Innovation Planning Group While the medical device industry of the domestic bio-health industry has grown rapidly compared to last year, it has been found that the overseas recognition of domestic products has increased after Corona 19. On the 18th, at the press conference of ‘Biohealth Industry Survey and Overseas […]

Former Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung throws his vote for the National Assembly by-election two months after regime change

Declaring candidacy in Incheon’s Gyeyang-gu by-election, citing ‘responsibility’ 11 times, revealing his ambition to make up for his loss in the presidential electionCriticized that he is running for BTS to secure the privilege of non-arresting members of the National Assembly to avoid investigation into allegations of the People’s Power Lee Jae-myung, senior adviser of the […]

Korea Development Bank Chairman ‘Busan has been investing heavily since the days of Park Chung-hee… You have to make an effort to survive.”

If Korea Development Bank moves to Busan alone, will the local economy have an effect of 2-3 trillion won? unsubstantiated claim Busan Metropolitan City emblem. Korea Development Bank CI. Maeil Newspaper DB KDB Chairman Lee Dong-geol (pictured), who expressed his resignation ahead of the launch of the new government, criticized Korea Development Bank’s move to […]

Ronaldo’s future as coached by Rangnick

Rangnick admitted he needed to talk to Ronaldo about next season. Erik Ten Haach is gearing up for a move to Manchester United, with his chances of qualifying for the Champions League become even more slimy. When asked about Ronaldo’s future, Rangnick said, “This is something that Ten Haach, the board and I should discuss […]

Candidate Ho-Young Jung volunteers for a press conference and refutes the ‘Daddy Chance’ controversy piece by piece

There is no possibility of negation due to a lower screening score with the possibility of subjective opinion interventionEmphasis on ‘double triple treatment result’ related to son’s military service Candidate Ho-Young Jung for the Minister of Health and Welfare explains allegations related to children recently raised in the auditorium of the National Medical Center in […]