[PC마켓] Acer’s ‘Predator Helios’ gaming laptop launched

Chosun IT operates the ‘PC Market’ corner where you can see new PC-related products and events in one place. Product launch news collected for the first week of March. [편집자주] ◇ Acer, ‘Predator Helios’ premium gaming laptop Acer announced that it will introduce a new premium gaming laptop ‘Predator Helios’ with Intel’s 13th generation CPU […]

“A core 13th generation PC that’s well suited for a single creator”

In the current and future ‘digital age’, it is inevitable that the process of creating and enjoying content is all based on ‘digital’. Much of the content we enjoy today is created, transmitted, and stored using digital technology. Throughout this series of digital content life cycles, personal computers are in an important position in terms […]

Xbox PC Game Pass service to be enjoyed in 86 countries

Microsoft (MS) is expanding the countries that can subscribe to the Xbox PC Game Pass. Microsoft, which increased profitability with PC Game Pass last year, is expected to focus on increasing the influence of its subscription service in the global game market this year. According to foreign media outlets such as Engadget on the 2nd, […]

Nintendo confirmed not to attend E3… Focus on new development

Nintendo has confirmed that it will not be participating in this year’s global game show ‘E3’. The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Realm. /Remove the official trailer video According to foreign media such as IGN on the 27th, Nintendo made a statement and said, “We want to approach each incident case by case and […]

[PC마켓] More AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series Performance Enhanced Drivers Announced

Chosun IT operates the ‘PC Market’ corner where you can see new PC-related products and events in one place. News was gathered for a week in the third week of February. [편집자주] ◇ AMD Releases Radeon RX 6000 Series Performance Better Driver Updates AMD has released AMD Software update: Adrenaline Edition 23.2.1. This update significantly […]

Users have the right to know to whom their ‘data’ has been disclosed or transferred.

The applicant claims that Österreichische Post as “Personal Data Controller” (data controller) under a legal obligation to disclose such information to users as “Owner of Personal Data” (data subject) in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation: GDPR) Which requires that the owner of personal data has the right to receive information about the […]

What’s new in the “Limited Company” law (2) | Pisak Satathien

We have already mentioned two new laws that have been amended, and this time we will be talking about a new law following the previous one. Section 8 of the Amendment Act Provision (1) of Section 1108 of the Civil and Commercial Code shall be repealed and replaced by the following. “(1) Make an agreement […]

‘Use of Technology and Electoral Integrity’; The Electoral Commission-EC to hold an international meeting on the use of technology, election integrity

The conference comes in the context of the ECI’s proposal to use remote voting machines to allow internal migrants to vote New Delhi: The Election Commission of India (ECI) will organize a two-day international conference with the participation of election management officials from various countries. Officials from 17 countries will take part in the conference […]