What’s new in the “Limited Company” law (2) | Pisak Satathien

We have already mentioned two new laws that have been amended, and this time we will be talking about a new law following the previous one. Section 8 of the Amendment Act Provision (1) of Section 1108 of the Civil and Commercial Code shall be repealed and replaced by the following. “(1) Make an agreement […]

‘Use of Technology and Electoral Integrity’; The Electoral Commission-EC to hold an international meeting on the use of technology, election integrity

The conference comes in the context of the ECI’s proposal to use remote voting machines to allow internal migrants to vote New Delhi: The Election Commission of India (ECI) will organize a two-day international conference with the participation of election management officials from various countries. Officials from 17 countries will take part in the conference […]

[리뷰] “Focus on the game” Lenovo Legion Slim 7i

Lenovo’s Legion Slim 7i / IT Chosun DB Laptop performance is improving all the time. Manufacturers say they are developing products that match consumer needs because they want faster and fancier products than before. However, there are aspects where users follow the performance improvement direction decided by manufacturers. Perhaps the most accurate reason for improving […]

[리뷰] Intel Arc A770·A750’s shocking new arrival graphics card

Intel’s new ‘Arc 700 series’ graphics card, which has been a hot topic in the PC market in recent years, has finally appeared. Although there is a feeling that it is later than originally expected that it will be released in the second quarter of this year, he announced the appearance of a ‘newbie’ as […]

[신혜경의 커피톡 (58)] Does Coffee Affect Cardiovascular Disease?

Since 2011, I have been working as a judge for the Korea Coffee Association Barista Certification Practical Test. The Korean Coffee Association Barista Practical Test evaluates the sensory field as well as the technical evaluation. The technical evaluation evaluates whether the operation of coffee extraction using a coffee machine is operated properly, and the sensory […]

Lenovo unveils new foldable desktops and tablets

Lenovo introduced new goods these as tablets and foldable PCs. Lenovo held an on-line ‘Tech Everyday living 2022’ party on the 1st (community time). Lenovo’s freshly unveiled new goods are ▲Tab P11 2nd Era ▲Tab P11 Pro 2nd Technology ▲ Region Y32p-30 Gaming Keep track of ▲ ThinkPad X1 Fold 2nd Generation ▲ Thinkbook 16c […]