[정치]”We must protect the THAAD 3″ vs “It is difficult to accept”… Is it a variable in Korea-China relations?

China asks Yun Seok-yeol government to maintain ‘Three THAAD’ Park Jin “It is difficult to accept China’s demands” Attention is paid to whether the ‘Third THAAD’ will be on the agenda of Minister Park Jin’s visit to China China does not completely resolve the ‘Korean-Korean rule’… “Anti-interesting” <!– –> [앵커] Ahead of Foreign Minister Park […]

[정치]Kun-hee Kim, stretched out after a month… Restarting a wide range?

First Lady Kim Gun-hee attends the launching ceremony of the King Jeongjo… Jinsu line ‘Snack’ First Lady Kim, ‘Spouse Diplomacy’ at the Indonesian Summit Dinner ‘Public step’ after one month of accompanying NATO summit Highlighting the broad steps… ‘Accompanied by acquaintances’ ignoring the noise Re-ignition of the installation of the second annex…尹 Affecting the decline […]

[국제]At least 15 dead in Kentucky floods, ‘hot dry’ British bushfires

[앵커] While many parts of the world are suffering from heatwaves and droughts, flood damage is increasing in Kentucky, USA, with at least 16 deaths due to heavy rains. Wildfires have erupted in Britain, with record-breaking heatwaves over 40 degrees Celsius We will contact the International Department for more information. Reporter Jinho Kim! Recently, severe […]

[과학]The power of red ginseng to slow the progression of AIDS!

[앵커] The superiority of Korean traditional medicine, red ginseng, has been revealed again and again. It has been confirmed that it has an immune effect that slows the progression of AIDS. Reporter Jin-doo Kim reports. [기자] AIDS is a disease in which immunity is rapidly weakened by a virus. A weakened immune system makes it […]

[문화]The cancellation of the concert also leads to the infection of the audience.

[앵커] With the re-spread of COVID-19, the performing arts industry has also taken an emergency. Performances have been canceled one after another due to the confirmed cast of the cast, and cases of infection of the audience are increasing. Reporter Shin Woong-jin reports. [기자] K-pop group NCT Dream’s concert has been canceled. Following the previously […]