News Analysis丨The increase in oil production may not be as expected, and US President Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia may “return empty-handed” – Teller Report

News Analysis丨The increase in oil production may not be successful as US President Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia may “return empty-handed” U.S. President Biden arrived in Jeddah, a city in western Saudi Arabia, on the afternoon of the 15th local time, starting a two-day visit to Saudi Arabia. That night, the United States and Saudi […]

The Russian army is waiting for the United States to announce that it will support Ukraine with more “Himas” high-mobility multiple rocket systems | International | Newtalk News

“Himars” (HIMARS) multiple rocket car. Photo: Flip the US Army Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been condemned by the world, and the international community has supported Ukraine to resist the Russian invasion. In order to strengthen the long-range firepower of the Ukrainian army, the United States has provided Ukraine with eight sets of “Himas” High […]

Call to stay Trump’s tariffs on China Biden administration receives more than 400 requests – International – Liberty Times Newsletter

The Biden administration has received more than 400 requests to keep Trump’s tariffs on China. (The Associated Press, Reuters, this newspaper combined.) 2022/07/07 23:04 [Compiled by Wei Guojin/Taipei Report]”Reuters” reported that the United States Trade Representative (USTR) received more than 400 petitions, calling on the government to maintain all “Section 301” tariffs imposed by former […]

National security starts from the country gate!Biden spends 30 billion to replace Chinese-made security inspection equipment at U.S. airports-International-Liberty Times Electronic News

National security starts from the country gate! Biden spends 30 billion yuan to replace Chinese-made security inspection equipment at airports across the United States, (European News Agency, AFP, synthesized by this newspaper.) 2022/07/07 21:12 [Compiled by Yang Fuyi/Taipei Report]Voice of America (VOA) reported that the White House announced on Wednesday (6th) that the Biden administration […]

Displeased by the Chinese webmaster’s deletion of the PO text of the US ambassador to China, Burns protests – International – Liberty Times Newsletter

Unhappy, the article was deleted by the Chinese network administrator, and the US ambassador to China, Burns, protested in PO. (AFP, synthesized by this newspaper.) 2022/07/06 20:10 [Instant News/Comprehensive Report]Nicholas Burns, the U.S. ambassador to China, posted on a social platform today (6) to protest China’s deletion of the “duck bullying behavior” announced by the […]

Biden save me! The beautiful basketball star was detained by Russia and sent a letter to help her go home: I will vote for you in the first vote | International | Newtalk News

American WNBA women’s basketball player Britney. Brittney Griner. Figure: Recap of Greener IG WNBA star Brittney Griner, who was arrested in Russia in February on charges of drug smuggling and spent more than four months in a Russian prison, asked the U.S. President to pay his respects in a handwritten letter today. Joe Biden helped […]

NATO calls Russia ‘strategic partner’, ‘major threat’

First Published Jun 30, 2022, 6:12 PM IST തAt the NATO summit in Madrid, the 30-member NATO alliance made it clear that Russia is the biggest threat to our security and security. At the same time, NATO countries for the first time accused China of posing a threat to its own security. President Joe Biden […]