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TSMC and financial stocks recovered, the index rose 50 points to recover 15,900 points (file photo)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report]The four major U.S. stock indexes closed in red on Thursday. Taiwan’s tourism, rubber, IC design, and silicon intellectual property stocks rose today. The index once stood at 15,900 points. However, after the index climbed, The profit-taking was released, and the index turned from red to black. However, after 11 o’clock, the buying entered the market and ignited, and the index rose slowly again. At the end, the index rose 50.75 points, closed at 15914.7 points, recovered 15900 points, and the trading volume was 2591 billion.

The top 10 trading values ​​rose more and fell less. TSMC was buying, and the stock price turned red, closing at 539 yuan, up 1 yuan, with a turnover of 11.751 billion yuan, ranking first; Dongge Yachting rose 7 yuan, closing at 480 yuan, The transaction value was 11.687 billion yuan, ranking second; Zhiyuan rose 17 yuan to close at 215.5 yuan, with a transaction value of 9.488 billion yuan, ranking third; Xinxing rose 2 yuan to close at 148 yuan, with a transaction value of 8.323 billion yuan, ranking fourth; Creative fell 30 yuan to close at 1165 yuan, with a transaction value of 7.457 billion yuan, ranking fifth.

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Hon Hai rose 2 yuan to close at 105.5 yuan, with a transaction value of 7.199 billion yuan, ranking 6th; Shixin-KY fell 50 yuan to close at 1,255 yuan, with a transaction value of 6.651 billion yuan, ranking 7th; Jing Xinke rose 14 yuan to close at 560 yuan Yuan, with a transaction value of 5.254 billion yuan, ranking 8th; Nandian rose 6 yuan to close at 286.5 yuan, with a transaction value of 4.584 billion yuan, ranking 9th; Material-KY fell 26 yuan, closing at 307 yuan, with a transaction value of 4.186 billion yuan, ranking 9th. the 10th.

Cai Minghan, manager of Cathay Pacific Securities & Futures Advisory Office, said that the four major US stock indexes closed in red yesterday, mainly because US Treasury Secretary Yellen said that the government has many policies to support the funding gap in the financial industry. However, Asian stocks rose first yesterday. Therefore, Taiwan stocks did not rise significantly today following the rebound of U.S. stocks.

He further pointed out that the financial turmoil crisis caused by the collapse of US banks has not yet been resolved, coupled with the Fed’s pressure on monetary tightening, the market has divergent views on the two uncertain factors, and the market is on the sidelines. Therefore, The short-term index will be organized in a range-bound shock.

However, going back to the fundamentals, since this year’s economic climate has an obvious trend of squatting first and then jumping, so the medium-to-long-term pattern remains unchanged. It is recommended that investors control their shareholding at 60-70%. .

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