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There was no change. As everyone expected, the protagonist of this year’s ‘Las Dragon Film Awards’ was the film . 〈Decision to Break Up〉 was honored with a whopping 6 crowns, including the top prize, ‘Best Picture’, as well as the top male and female awards.

The 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards were held at the KBS Hall in Yeouido on the 25th. He won Director Park Chan-wook Best Picture, Best Director (Park Chan-wook), Best Actor (Park Hae-il), Best Actress (Tang Wei), Music Award (Cho Young-wook), and Screenplay (Jung Seo-kyung ) at the awards ceremony hosted by actors Kim Hye-soo and Yoo Yeon-seok·Park Chan-wook), was literally ‘swept out’.

Tang Wei was the first foreign actor to receive the Best Actress Award. Tang Wei, who went on stage with the script of the film 〈Decision to Break Up〉, held a trophy. “I love this”He smiled widely and received loud applause.

People who work as actors live their whole lives waiting for a good script and a good character. Waiting for months, years, or even decades. I am very lucky to have met a man called Seorae Song. Thank you very much. -Tang Wei

Screenshot from KBS 2TV's '43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards'

Screenshot from KBS 2TV’s ’43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards’

Specifically, while Tang Wei was watching the stage of ‘Mist’, the OST of the movie ‘Decision to Break Up’ by Jung Hoon-hee and La Poem earlier, tearThe appearance of a spill was caught on camera and drew attention.

Screenshot from KBS 2TV's '43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards'

Screenshot from KBS 2TV’s ’43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards’

Parc Hae-il won the Best Actor Award “I am grateful to director Park Chan-wook for allowing me to play Hae-joon, a detective.Along with the words, he also expressed his gratitude to Lee Jung-hyun, Kim Shin-young, and Go Kyung-pyo.

Kim Shin-young, who performed impressively in the film, replaced director Park Chan-wook, who won the Best Director award but could not attend due to filming in LA, USA.

Screenshot from KBS 2TV's '43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards'

Screenshot from KBS 2TV’s ’43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards’

Bright young Kim ‘If there is one good thing about being a film director, there are many opportunities to meet talented people in different fields. I also met a lot of good actors and staff at . I want to share this honor with them.”convey the message of the Park Director.

Poster for the movie 〈Decision to Break Up〉

Poster for the movie 〈Decision to Break Up〉

■ Below is the winner of the 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards (work)

▶ Best Picture Award = Decision to break up
▶ Best Actress = Tang Wei (Decision to Break Up)
▶ Best Actor = Park Hae-il (Decision to break up)
▶ Best Director = Park Chan-wook (Decision to break up)
▶ Best Screenplay = Jeong Seo-kyung, Park Chan-wook (Decision to Break Up)
▶ Best Supporting Actress = Oh Na-ra (genre romance only)
▶ Best Supporting Actor = Byun Yo-han (Hansan: Rise of the Dragon)
▶ Best New Actress = Kim Hye-yoon (Girl on a Bulldozer)
▶ New Actor Award = Kim Dong-hwi (Mathematician in Wonderland)
▶ New Director Award = Lee Jung-jae (Hunt)
▶ Largest Audience Award = Crime City 2
▶ Cinematography Lighting Award = Lee Mo-gae · Lee Seong-hwan (Hunt)
▶ Best Editing = Kim Sang-beom (Hunt)
▶ Music Award = Jo Young-wook (Decision to break up)
▶ Art Award = Areum Han (King Maker)
▶ Technical Award = Huh Myeong-haeng · Yoon Seong-min (Sin City 2)
▶ Cheongjeongwon Short Film Award = Yoo Jong-seok (Light the Fire at 2:00 AM)
▶ Cheongjeongwon Popularity Star Award = Go Kyung-pyo (Decision to Break Up), Lee Ji-eun (Broker), Daniel Henney (Gongjo 2), Lim Yoon-ah (Kongjo 2)


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