Team News | The three cities of Wuhan and Kunming begin training, and preparations for the 2023 season are non-stop_Training_Player_Pedro

Original Title: Team Dynamics | The three cities of Wuhan and Kunming are starting training, and preparations for the 2023 season are non-stop

On February 18, under the leadership of head coach Pedro, the soldiers from the three cities of Wuhan flew from Wuhan to Kunming to start the first phase of this season’s winter training. On the afternoon of arriving in Kunming, the team held the first training session of winter training at Hongta Base.

Unlike the rainy and rainy weather in Wuhan in February, the weather in Kunming at this time is already sunny and spring is warm and flowers are blooming. Before the start of the first day of training sessions, head coach Pedro reiterated the disciplinary requirements during winter training to the players.

According to the arrangement of the training staff, the team’s training during the last two days is still based on physical reserves. After resuming training on the field on the first day, the team had two training sessions a day on the second day. In the morning, the fitness coach led the players to carry out strength training in the gym.

Team member He Chao said that although the training intensity has been high in the past two days, the layout of various items has been gradually established, which has helped the players to find the training condition gradually and adapt further to the intensity of winter physical training. .

The head coach Pedro also presented the Kunming training plan and praised the players’ performance in recent days: “The weather in Kunming is very suitable for training, and the conditions of the location and the gym are also satisfactory. The attitude of the players in training very well. Seriously, I am satisfied with the mental outlook they have shown. In the recent stage, the Kunming winter training team is still focusing on physical reserves. As the players recover their physical condition, our training intensity will gradually increase.

In addition to the first team from the three cities of Wuhan, the reserve team also arrived at the Kunming Hongta base at the same time, and began preparations for winter training. The training staff was specially led by Pedro to the training field to observe’ r internal games of the reserve team.

This season, the Super League registration rules have been slightly modified. Each team needs to register at least 5 under 21 players who have been registered with the club for more than 4 years. The preparation of the first team and the reserve team at the same time also facilitates the first team coaching staff to examine the youth training players of the three towns more closely, in order to determine the final first team registration list.Return to Sohu to see more