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▲ Jessie’s signature smile is exactly the same as when she was a child. (Photo / flip from Instagram)

Reporter Wang Peiyi / Compiled

The classic British children’s show “Teletubbies” is a childhood memory for many people. In addition to the four main characters, Tintin, Dixie, Lala and Xiaobo, the sun baby with a bright smile and high air is also impressive. After 25 years, the little baby at the time has grown into a slender girl, and now she has “graded up in equal proportions” as she was when she was a child. In addition, he also revealed his recent situation.

According to a “Daily Star” report, “Sun Baby” Jess (Jess Smith) was taken to hospital by her parents for a health check shortly after she was born. However, when she weighed herself, she was caught by the producer of “Teletubbies”. in the period. Jessie said that the producer originally wanted to trust the hospital to contact the show if they saw a baby with a cute smile. Unexpectedly, they happened to meet her who was overweight.

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Although Jesse cannot remember the filming process, she said the producer made her sit in front of the mirror and the camera, watching her and her father play with toys, and because of Jesse’s sweet smile, she got the role on once. Teletubbies was broadcast on the BBC between 1997 and 2001 and again between 2015 and 2018.

The current Jesse did not continue to develop in the entertainment industry, but was responsible for administrative management in a security company. She revealed that her current wish is to travel around the world before getting married and starting a family.

Jessie mentioned in past interviews that she got £250 (about NT$10,000) after taking some pictures.

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