Thai researchers have found a successful cure for AIDS. For the first time in the world!

from page information Prachachat – Prachachat Revealing Thai researchers have found a successful cure for AIDS. for the first time in the world in capsule form from 5 types of edible plant extracts

On December 1, 2021, Prof. Dr. Pichet Wiriyachitra, head of research team Innovative immunotherapy research project, Operation BIM and Chief Executive Officer of Asian Phytozoologicals Public Company Limited or APCO revealed that the company discovered the world’s first cure for AIDS in Thailand. With extracts from 5 edible plants, namely mangosteen, Centella asiatica, guava, soybean and black sesame in capsule form.

The results of this study involved three HIV/AIDS-infected volunteers who had been taking antiretroviral drugs for many years and were able to successfully stop the antiretroviral therapy after receiving the extract capsules. and insufficient screening for AIDS continuously for a period of 1 year

“This marks a new chapter in the treatment of AIDS. Based on the results of the treatment of the latest three infected volunteers who participated in the program over a two-year period, they were able to stop taking ARV by about a year and remain healthy. Strong, not detected, the first 3 cases in the world that can successfully stop using antiviral drugs,” said Prof. Dr. Pichet.



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