The definitive version of the heart-threatening eye shooting game! “Girls☆Shooting Double Peace” Switch version will debut in March 2022 “Gal*Gun: Double Peace”

The “Girls☆Shooting” series is the protagonist of the super heartthrob because of some wonderful events. It uses eyesight (commonly known as: Pheromone Shooting) to let the girls who come to confess to the sky one after another, and target the favorite heroine to merge. A peculiar shooting game with eyesight shooting and love adventure elements!

In the second part of the series “Girls☆Shooting Double Peace”, the unique gameplay has been retained and has been greatly enhanced everywhere! It is like the appearance of a demonized radical girl, or letting a girl ascend into the sky in the “Double Peace” pose. The scene of the event between the heroine and the favorite heroine is (in various senses) intense development waiting for you!

Then, in the Nintendo Switch version scheduled to be launched this time, almost all DLCs that have been released on other models are also included! The opening animation is also completely new! In addition, if you have other “Girls☆Shooting” series, it seems that something good will happen! ? Incorporating the above content, it can be described as the definitive version of “Double Peace”!

※ The video contains traditional Chinese closed captions


Bathed under the arrow of the angel shot by the trainee angel “Aikoluo”, he became the protagonist “Ku Shimine Dai” who is limited to one day.

However, once the effect of the arrow ends, from tomorrow on, it will become a constitution that will never be able to have a girlfriend.

In order to avoid such a result, it is necessary to find her destined before sunset and let the confession succeed.

So he made up his mind to confess to his childhood playmates who had always had a good impression.

At the same time, the demon “Curona” who was playing pranks all over the campus passed in front of Mineda’s eyes.

Behind her are the people who just made up their minds to confess, the sisters of childhood playmates “Xiaoren” and “Maya”…

game introduction

More than 70 girls are all voiced

In addition to the heroine, plus ordinary students and female teachers, a total of more than 70 girls appeared! And it’s all full voice! Please enjoy the charming voice brought by the luxurious voice actors lineup!

  • Shinobu Kanzono: Emi Uema

  • Kamizono Mayu: Chinami Hashimoto

  • Curona: Fujita Aya

  • Stag’s horn: Yui Horie

  • Angel Taco Tower Possible: Yukari Tamura

  • Aoi Kono: Nozomi Yamamoto

  • Nana Inoue, Kana Ueda, Saori Onishi, Ari Ozawa, Sayaka Gomi, Arisa Sakuraba, Hekiru Shiina, Aya Suzaki, Haji Daichi, Mikako Takahashi, Mayuka Nomura, Anzu Haruno, Mayu Harumiya, Nana Harumura, Saki Fujita, Muta Real waves, Saori Yahagi, Kana Yuuki, and many others

Can’t resist the excessive love behavior of girls! ?

The types of girls showing affection have become more abundant! In addition, the girl who is pranked by Curona will become a “demon girl”, showing a more aggressive attack than usual!

  • image
  • image

Use perspective to zoom in and see the light

Even the girl on the other side of the obstacle can see clearly as long as she zooms in with perspective! This ability is too powerful, even girls’ coats can be seen through! And even the measurements of girls can be fully grasped!

  • image
  • image

A lot of colorful events

Rescue when the heroine is in crisis, or enjoy physical contact. If you can get through the incident smoothly, the distance between the heroine and the heroine may be shortened in one go!

  • image
  • image

Double Peace ascends to heaven in heartbeat mode

The heartbeat pattern of touching a girl’s sensitive parts a lot within the time limit and making them ascend to heaven. Double Peace can ascend to heaven when the girl’s heartbeat reaches its climax! Let’s aim for Double Peace to ascend to heaven with up to 3 people at the same time!

  • image
  • image

Attention features

Almost all DLC costumes released on other models are included

From cute types to funny outfits, you can use a total of 38 costumes to play!

The opening animation has been renewed

A new song sung by the sisters of Shinen Garden, Shinobu & Maya! The details are scheduled to be released in the future, so stay tuned!

  • image

Corresponds to Traditional Chinese/Korean

In addition to Japanese and English, it also supports Traditional Chinese and Korean!

  • image
  • image

There may be good things if you own a series of works! ?

  • image
  • image


Shenyuan Shinobu (CV. Kamima Jiangwang)

  • image

Haughty girl with strong self-esteem. A classmate of the second year of Sakura Saki Third High School as Fengda. I am proud of my hometown’s work, and have a little excess of longing for angels and goddesses who are hostile to demons.

Because he always assumes a confident attitude, he is considered to be the type of monitor who is full of leadership, but his academic performance is actually not very good.

Originally, he and Fengda were childhood sweethearts who had a good relationship, but after living apart from his sister Maye, for some reason, they started to ignore Fengda, and now the two have become alienated.

Midnight Kamizono (CV. Chinami Hashimoto)

  • image

Shinobu’s younger sister, like Shinobu, is a “devil hunter” girl. A long life with a gentle and considerate life.

I’m not good at talking to people, and I will speak in a stuttering tone. Because of this, it gives people a dull impression, but it is actually very capable. Both the predecessors and the posters support the sister who is often in vain.

At the same time that Aikoluo and Curona took their exams, they transferred to the Sakura Saki Third High School where they were studying at Fengda University.

Curona (CV. Fujita Aya)

  • image

Devil apprentice in the third grade of the Devil School.

Full of self-confidence and self-confidence, but can not withstand the blows, easy to follow the trend. Will speak in a unique tone with “DEATH” at the end.

Like pranks and not good at studying, they are typical problem children. This time I also came to the human world for the exam tutoring.

Ai Ke Luo (CV. Horie Yui)

  • image

The third grader of Angel School. Although claiming to be an elite angel, he was embarrassed in the graduation entrance examination.

In the Angel School, he is a member of the Military Research Association, shooting high-powered angel arrows through his favorite double guns.

Basically, the personality is serious, but maybe it is influenced by the angel school sister who has a good relationship.

Angel Taco Tower Possible (CV. Yukari Tamura)

  • image

Lively and cheerful, like an angel (?) girl.

Like survival games, in order to make the Military Research Association flourish in Sakura Saki Third High School, he is now diligent in recruiting members.

It is very similar to the apprentice angel “Pataco” that appeared in the previous game…?

Aoi Toshino (CV. Nozomi Yamamoto)

  • image

Sophomore in the same class as Fengda University. The registered trademark is Super Energetic Girl with Rabbit Ears.

The guitarist and vocalist of the women’s band “LOVEHEARTS” is now working part-time in the sales department to earn activity funds. The reputation of being a kanban girl in the sales department is also very strong.

For some reason, Fengda’s popular aura seems to have no effect on her. In this commotion, she still sells all kinds of props.

Boxed Limited Edition Bundle Content

  • image

Acrylic drawing board

The acrylic drawing board with specially drawn illustrations filled with the heroine’s personality is used! The size is almost the same as the Nintendo Switch software packaging box. It is a good product suitable for decoration in a small space!

Series 3 as storage box

※ The picture is a schematic diagram.

Reservation bonus

  • image

    A4 transparent poster

  • image

    A4 folder

Product Information

  • Game name: Maiden ☆ Shooting Double Peace

  • Game type: Eyesight shooting game

  • Corresponding model: Nintendo Switch

  • Number of players: 1

  • Game Rating: Restricted Level 18+

  • Release Date: March 17, 2022 (Thursday)

  • Game price: boxed regular version NT$1290/HK$348
    Boxed Limited Edition NT$1990/HK$538
    Download version NT$1290/HK$348
    ※ Boxed “Limited Edition” Bundled Contents · Acrylic Drawing Board · Series 3 as a storage box

  • Publisher: INTI CREATES

  • Official website:




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