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The difference in “judgment” felt by Atsunobu Hirao of Ibaraki Robots, “We can’t fight in B1 unless we reach that level.” –Basketball Count |

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“The parts that work and the parts that do not work in B1 are becoming clearer.”

On October 16th, Ibaraki Robots celebrated their first home game in B1. The number of visitors was 2,205, and Captain Atsunobu Hirao said, “I’m glad that it’s been a while since people came in there.”

Nevertheless, the match was completely defeated against the powerful Utsunomiya Brex with 66-88. Hirao said, “It was a good day in history with many people coming to cheer us on at the opening round of the home. There is also. “

Ibaraki recorded a winning percentage of 41 wins and 16 losses in B2 last season, exceeding 70%, but in B1 which was the first challenge, it has been struggling with 5 consecutive losses since the opening. Still, Hirao does not show a dark expression, saying, “The season has just begun.” “Since the parts that are valid and the parts that are not valid in B1 are becoming clear, I would like to improve them and improve the level as a team.”

Regarding the “parts that pass and the parts that don’t work,” he continued, saying, “I think that the number of times the play that starts with pick and roll has passed in the last five games is more.” “However, there are some parts that have been adjusted, so if you don’t think about what suits you, it may not work even if you continue to say,’Because I’ve been doing it until now,’ so I’d like to change it. Must be “

In the first match with Utsunomiya, they competed in the early stages, but as Hirao recalled, “I couldn’t bring it to our rhythm even once,” Utsunomiya’s fierce defense increased the number of tough shots, and the defense rebound. The scene where the opponent was able to run was conspicuous.

In the fifth game of the season opener, he fought against the team that advanced to the finals last season, and Hirao honestly talked about the difference with Utsunomiya, saying, “There is a difference between heaven and earth.” “It’s the same with one screen, defense, and system, and I felt that Utsunomiya-san, who has been running at the top for a long time, was on the court. I thought I was standing on the court after doing it. “

It is not good to respect the opponent team too much in the game, but it is also important for Ibaraki of the promotion group to get a harvest from the loss. “I learned from playing against Utsunomiya-san, and we have to play basketball at that level, so we have to grow every day.”

Atsunobu Hirao

“You have to grow to be a guard who can win the team.”

Every season, the promotion group from B2 is forced to struggle. It’s a so-called “B1 wall,” but Hirao says, “When it comes to the B1 wall, I feel that each person’s judgment is completely different, whether on the court or on the bench.”

“It’s a weird way of saying it,” he said, and continued. “There are quite a lot of places where you can shoot with no mark that happened in B2 or not. However, when I fought in B1, I thought that my judgment was different. Of course, the formation that was created etc. There is, but when it is stopped by the opponent, the next decision is made by the B1 team, and I think that is amazing. However, if we do not reach that level, we will fight in B1 Don’t. I think I’m used to it, and I want to reach that level by repeating successes and failures. “

As a team, they have lost 5 consecutive games in the opening season, but Hirao personally recorded an average of 9.8 points and 3.8 assists in 5 games, which is not much different from last season, and the team has a strong drive and outside shots. Is pulling. Regarding my personal response in B1, “I think it’s the time when I’m getting the most fat, or this year I’ve been able to enter the season in a good shape without any injuries, so I think it’s the best time for me. I think. “

Even so, he aims for height, saying, “In order to become a guard who can win the team, I must grow myself.” “I want to be able to give accurate instructions. There are many players who inevitably become” I am I “when they flutter, but I try to attack here properly so that I can calm down one there. I want to be a player who can be communicated and expressed in play. “

As long as it is a professional sport, results are required. At the same time, it is also a professional job to show the fight to the end. Utsunomiya was allowed a lead of up to 32 points in this match, but Ibaraki continued to fight until the end. Hirao says. “The fans pushed their backs to the end even if that point difference. I wasn’t standing on the court at the end, but I said,’Let’s play a match that will lead to tomorrow, a match that is not embarrassing. Let’s tell everyone. ”We have to feel something, so in that sense, people on the court must play hard so that they can tell something whether they lose or win. I think I have to do it. “

It is expected that the second round of today will be a difficult match, but Ibaraki’s challenge is to see if he can win his first victory of the season in front of home fans.


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