The doctor was beaten to death by the woman who shared a nude photo of her fiancé on Instagram

Bengaluru: A doctor who shared nude pictures of his fiancee with friends and on social media was killed by the girl and her friends. Doctor Vikash Rajan (27), a native of Chennai, was killed. The ceremony was performed by the woman and her friends Sushil, Gautam and Surya.

Surya is still being investigated by the police. After completing his MBBS from Ukraine, Vikash came to Bengaluru after working in Chennai for two years. The murder took place in the house of Sushil, one of the accused. Vikash was brutally beaten and was admitted to hospital but died.

When the doctor was admitted to the hospital, the brother filed a complaint with the police. The victim Vikash and the woman were friends for two years. Then the relatives gave permission for their marriage. Later, he created a fake account in the name of another friend and shared nude photos of his fiancee.

He also sent these pictures to some friends in Tamil Nadu. The young woman was shocked to see her nude photos on Instagram. Then when Vikash was asked about this, he replied that he was doing it as a joke.

The girl revealed this to her friend Sushil and then they decided to teach Vikash a lesson. He was then called to the house and beaten, which led to his death. The accused had no intention to kill. Police say they were the ones who brought Vikash to the hospital in an unconscious state.

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