The end of the wait; Bibin Dev sought the recognition he deserved

New Delhi, First Published Oct 25, 2021, 12:15 PM IST

Delhi: Bibib Dev, a Malayalee, finally sought the recognition he deserved for his worries and anxieties. Bibin Dev, who went unnamed due to a technical glitch during the announcement of the National Film Awards, will address a function at the Vigyan Bhavan in New Delhi. Venkaiah Naidu will receive the National Award. Bibin Dev has bagged the National Award for her re-recording of the Tamil film Ottaseruppu Size 7.

When Bibin Dev and Rasool Pookutty announced the National Award for re – recording the film, only Rasool Pookutty’s name was mentioned. Bibin Dev’s name was dropped due to a clerical error in sending the names of the film’s cast members for the award. Bibin Dev was worried that one of the biggest recognitions in his life would be lost due to a technical glitch, even though his own efforts were recognized nationally.

Months of anxiety and curiosity turned to joy when the call came asking him to come to Delhi to receive the award. When the award was announced, Rasool Pookutty had said that he and Bibin Dev had done the film together and that Bibin Dev deserved the award. Bibin Dev hails from Angamaly Kidangoor in Ernakulam district and has been based in Mumbai for over 15 years.

Bibin Dev has composed the soundtrack to many big budget movies including Shorni, Trance, Yanthiran 2.0, Odeon, Maamangkam, Masterpiece and Kammarasambhavam. Vidya Balan, co-starring Bibin Dev, has been shortlisted for the Oscar-winning Indian films.

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