The mystery “Tesla car” lost control on the roads of China, a terrible accident, killing 2, injuring 3 (clip)

clips shared online The incident happened on a road in Chaozhou, south China’s Guangdong province, on November 5. tesla electric car The white Model Y was about to stop on the side of the road. He saw the car suddenly off the road andRun at an uncontrollable speed for 2.6 km. Although the driver tried to keep the steering wheel and honked the horn all the way. but crashed into two motorbikes and two bicycles Also in a collision with a small truck. sending pieces scattered around before finally coming to a stop when it collided with the side of a building until the dust clouded over.

Tesla car wreck

Local media said two of the dead were motorcyclists and a high school student and five others were injured, police said.The car is traveling at a speed of 150 km/h. during an accident

Later, on November 12, a relative of the Tesla driver Post the clip on social media and note that the 55-year-old driver is a professional truck driver. Received the transfer of this car from a friend in early November. When trying to park in front of his family’s shop the driver claimed that it was difficult to step on the brakes. (Another vehicle states that the brakes are not responding) and the car fails to stop after parking. When Ben went left the car sped up immediately. CCTV showed several strokes of brake lights behind the car. But the car didn’t slow down. The driver was not using drugs or alcohol.

(The clip contains content that may make you uncomfortable. To watch Click to play the clip)

Although Tesla has stated in a statement that the company is cooperating with the police. Investigate the truth to uncover what caused the accident. In the meantime, don’t believe the rumours. and noted that from the video clip Brake lights are not seen for long periods during overdrive. and the driver pressed the parking button 4 times before quickly releasing it. Causing the brake light to come on and off

China is the second largest market for Tesla’s electric cars. The incident was a trending topic on Chinese social media on Sunday (Nov. 13).

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