The US is paranoid! Warn you do not know where Russia will come After losing in many battles of Ukraine

the highest general of the United States On Sunday (September 18) it was still unclear how Russia will react in its latest defeat in several battles in Ukraine. and urged the American military to be more vigilant. During his visit to a military base in Poland, however, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has emphasized that he will not stop fighting for territory. No matter where Moscow comes from

Warning from Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. Reminds me that there is a risk that the conflict will escalate. while the United States and NATO allies Help Ukraine from afar And at this time, Kiev launched a successful counter-attack against Russian forces.

“Right now the war is not going well for Russia, so it is our duty to maintain a state of high readiness, to stay alert,” Milley said in Warsaw. After visiting the military base

Gen. Milley examines the air defense system of this base. Among these was the Patriot Missile Company. that is the last line of defense If Russia decides to attack this base that is at risk of war with the NATO military alliance led by the United States.

However, Gen Milley stressed that his warning did not indicate that the US military Europe is under increasing threat. Just suggesting that American forces need to be ready at all times. “In war you can never know or have a high degree of confidence about what will happen next.”

Reporters traveling with Gen Milley’s group were asked not to reveal the name of the base. or identify the location of the military base

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, promised not to stop fighting for the lost territories of Russia, after Gen. Milley warned that it was not clear whether Russia would retaliate. In the latest defeat in several battles in Ukraine

During a speech late on Sunday night (September 18), Zelensky announced that he would continue to put pressure on Moscow. “Perhaps to some of you it seems that we have stood still at the moment. Having received several victories But he will not be still. It is being prepared for the next series. for Ukraine Everything must be released.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s troops defeated in the Kharkiv region. The north-eastern region of Ukraine sparked unprecedented harsh criticism a week ago. by Russian military experts

Putin is indifferent to the Ukrainian counterattack. But he said on Friday (September 16) Moscow would retaliate more strongly. If their soldiers were under more pressure

Repeated retreats of Russian troops have raised concerns that Putin may at some point turn to small nuclear weapons, to engage in chemical warfare or perhaps mobilize reserves, which over the past five years Russia has stockpiled around two million people, while Russian government officials reject the Western hypothesis. that Moscow will technically use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Gen Mark Milley does not predict how Putin will continue. but he warned that the war is in a new phase where Ukrainian forces are beginning to have a strategic advantage. “Because of that we need to keep a close eye on him. How will Russia react?

(Source: Reuters)

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