The young man Na Siangdet Sornphet Sornsuphan has died at the age of 74.

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9 Jan. 2022 12:54 a.m.

Sornphet Sornsuphan, another legendary luk thung singer in Thailand. Died at Siriraj Hospital at the age of 74 after a long illness in the abdomen. He is the owner of many hit songs such as Khao No For Sale, Heart Is Broken, Forgive Riam, Rak For Five Years, etc.

On January 8, around 11:00 p.m., Mr. Sirichoke Sornsuphan or Kluay Khaek, the son of “Sornphet Sornsuphan” or Mr. Boontan Klailamang, a famous lukthung singer Posted on a personal Facebook page Informing the news of the death of Sornphet Sornsuphan “Sleep well, father. Dad is very tired I promise to take good care of my mother. #Father’s song will always be in the hearts of all fans.”

“Sornphet Sornsuphan” was born on March 27, 1948. He graduated grade 4 from Wat Sri Soi Petch School, U-Thong District, Suphan Buri Province. Started into a career as a singer From being a cheering singer of Dam Dansuphan, with Liang Kanchana who led the industry until he met Phophin Pornsuphan, another cheerleader. So Phop Phin wrote many songs for Sornphet until he became famous during the year. 1970-1976 The song that made a great reputation is “Khao No Khai” won the award for the best singer of the golden antenna. From Sam Yot radio station in 1975

Famous songs in the early and later stages, such as Kluay Kaem Yok, Waiting on Duty, Motorcycle Dropped, Ai Wang Dies, Jai Jai Jai, Forgive Riam, Tears at the Cafe, Love for Five Years, etc. Sornpetch is a singer. with a unique neck that is hard to match

In November 2010, Sornphet was admitted to Siriraj Hospital. and requesting to donate B Rh-negative blood due to sickness in the stomach lump and caused pulmonary edema After that, the symptoms continued to come on. until his death at Siriraj Hospital at the age of 74

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