This winter, we will do our best to manage stable electricity supply and demand even in the face of the international energy crisis – Press Release | briefing room | news

this winter, Even in the face of the international energy crisis

We will do our best to manage stable power supply and demand.

Ministry of Industry 2a loan, On-site inspection of Wolseong Nuclear Power Headquarters

Electricity supply and demand forecasts and winter countermeasuresPublication

Il-jun Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Park 2a loanmoney 11.30 (number)10city 30Boon Wolseong Nuclear Power Headquarterscast a visit, According to a power-related organization Examining measures of power supply and demand in winterdo, genuine chaffThe core power generation facility before entering Ulsan Inspect the operating status of Wolseong Nuclear Power Planthe did.

Overview of the Field Survey

(date/Place)’22.11.30.(number) 10:30/ Wolseong Nuclear Power Headquarters(Public Relations HallWolseong3power station)

* On site inspection forward Inspection of winter power supply and demand management measures by establishment(Wolseong Nuclear Power Headquarters Promotion Hall)

(attendees) Ministry of Industry 2a loan, Head of Power Industry Policy Division, Head of the Regional Cooperation Division for Nuclear Power Plants
President of KEPCO, Chairman of the Korean Power Exchange, Development6company president, Chairman of the Energy Corporation, President of the Electrical Safety Corporation, etc.

Before a full-scale on-site inspection, Vice Minister’s Parkclass Representatives of large power-related organizationsEun WolseongIn the PR Hall of the Nuclear Energy Headquarters Winter power supply and demand check meetinghave, At the meeting, the Ministry of Industry Electricity supply and demand forecasts and winter countermeasuresannounceshe did.

[겨울철 전력수급 전망]

yes demand this winter peak season 1month 3main, the maximum demand for power 90.4GW~94.0GWlike Last year’s peak performance(90.7GW, ‘21.12.27) to a level similar to or higher thanruined.

yes supply capacityEun Shin Hanul 1Because new nuclear power plants like units, etc. are coming in. peak contrast 5.5GW increase 109.0GWis expectedit will be, standby power 15.0~18.6GWThe supply and demand situation is expected to be stable, early cold wave, fuel supply and demand, Variables such as lack of failure ever existedis a situation.

[겨울철 전력수급 대책]

yes In response to the global energy crisis, the govt LNG·Risks in the fuel sector such as bituminous coal, A sudden increase in demand due to a sudden cold wave, Prepare for disasters such as forest firessun implement different measuresWe intend to make every effort to supply electricity..

(Maximum use of nuclear power stations) recent International LNG price surgethis Trade deficit and KEPCO, etc. Financial decline of public energy companies spreading, etc. A significant burden on the national economyone bar, Timely access to new nuclear power stations, Optimize maintenance schedule through the back economic and stable as a foundation generation Measures to optimize nuclear power stationshe did.

(additional reserve resources) power backup step by step maximum 9.8GWreserve resources of*safeSo We intend to promote stable supply even when demand for electricity increases..

* voluntary/Forced reduction in demand(DR), commission generator use, Increased coal generator output, etc.

(Active demand management) Randomly inspect the actual state of energy demand management of public institutions and reflect energy saving performance when evaluating management, etc. Better Demand Managementin execution, broadcasting·portal·SNS·a campaign* through wide publicity Focus on spreading an energy saving culture to the private sectorplanning to do.

* Opening Ceremony for National Energy Diet Supporters Hold on (11.28, Minister of Industry)

(Ensure stable fuel) In response to the global energy crisis bituminous coal·LNG Secure the required amount earlyhave done, If necessary, we intend to maintain stable inventory management through additional spot purchases..

(Fine dust seasonal control system) Even in difficult conditions such as the deepening energy crisis,, Public coal power generation this winter 53during Yeast 8from up to 14shut down untilSo Active cooperation in reducing fine dustplanning to do.

but, power supply and demand LNG When considering the global energy crisis such as(80%)plans to operate flexibly this winter.

(Inspection of facilities) Reinforcement of freeze and burst vulnerabilities focused on power generation companies and KEPCO, fire prevention etc. power station Do a thorough pre-inspection long term use transformers and transmission lines replace in advancepower tools Focus on preventing unforeseen failuresplanning to do.

(disaster preparedness) Mock training to prepare for winter forest fires*Response posture by organization through check, a frozen wave·due to heavy snow In case of power failure KEPCOForesight, etc. Prompt response through collaboration between related organisationsplanning to do.

* the cold of winter·Safe country training in electric power to prepare for forest fires(11.22, Chaired by the Director of the Energy Industry Office)

chaired the meeting Vice Minister Park Il-joonmoney The supply and demand forecast for this winter season is more stable than in the summer., Unpredictable variables such as sudden cold wavesas much as there is relax without delay We will do our best to manage stable power supply and fuel demand and supply.go emphasize.

yes attend the meeting Organizations associated with poweri Development, transmission and distribution Inspect equipment in advancedo Introduce rigorous management of power generation fuelscountry due to disruption in power supply.Do your best to avoid inconvenience in public life.On the other hand, I ask,

yes To overcome the high tide of the energy crisis this winter, public and private efforts to save energy are needed.I ask the people to contribute by practicing energy conservation in their daily lives.He said.

Vice Minister’s ParkFollowing the silver meeting, preventive maintenance is underway at Shin-Wolseong1where the vent is Wolseong3visit a power plantencouraging field workers and checking the maintenance status Meanwhile, Wolseong Nuclear Power Plant was asked to contribute more to overcoming the energy crisis this winter by timely feeding a system through safe and efficient maintenance..

The Government 12.1(neck)from next year 2.28(rage)Till Power supply and demand countermeasure period in winterset to, power exchange·KEPCO·Along with related organizations such as power generation companies power supply General Situation Roomactionwhile doing We will manage the supply and demand situation thoroughlyto be.

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