The new “Underworld” season of “Apex Legends Mobile” has started! Artificial Legend “Revenant” Takes Part | A gamer

In the new season “Underworld”, the familiar artificial legend “Revenant” will appear and a new nightmarish event will begin.

A trailer introducing Revenant and accessories that will appear in the new season has been released on the official Twitter, so if you are interested in the details, check it out.

Below is the information as published.

Legendary Revenant joins Mobile

Many warriors fought and lost in the “champions” last season. However, the dead warriors do not go to heaven, but to fight in the “underworld” where the devil’s army waits.

Confronting them is the nightmare of an artificial revenge that was once human. A walking nightmare of iron remains and flesh, his abilities include:

passive: Stalker

Can move quickly while crouching and can climb higher than other Legends.

Tactical Ability: Silence

A device that damages enemies and temporarily disables their abilities.

Ultimate ability: Death Totem

A totem that protects the user from death for a certain period of time. Instead of being killed or knocked down while taking fatal damage, you are pulled back to the location of the totem and revived with some health.

In addition to these new Revenant abilities, there are many more Legends such as Deathstalker, which allows you to move faster while crouching, and Zombie Siphon, which restores health by knocking down enemies while the Death Totem active A park is provided.

Check out the patch notes here for more details and fixes for the update.

The Underworld update will include Revenant, a new Battle Pass, and a new event with two new modes.

a new event

A Nightmare Begins

Requiem Supply Boxes have started appearing all over World’s Edge and Kings Canyon. These Supply Boxes contain Metal Skulls, the new seasonal currency needed to unlock amazing rewards.

Airdrop progress

Airdrops will drop more frequently on the map in this limited time event, and full kit weapons will be available.

second shot

Second Shot is a limited time Battle Royale mode that allows you to instantly revive the enemy by surprise.

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