TWICE 10th Mini Album will be released on June 9th, Taiwan fans discuss the new title | Taste of Love | Milk Peanuts

[Epoch Times News on May 3, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin) The popular Korean girl group TWICE official SNS announced today (3rd) at 0:00 Korea time that TWICE will be held on June 9th and June 11th. The tenth mini album “Taste of Love” was released on the same day. After this news was made public, it caused an unexpected topic among Taiwanese fans.

In mid-April, TWICE’s company JYP Entertainment stated to many Korean media that TWICE was shooting a new song MV on Jeju Island and was preparing for its return to the music scene in June, but did not disclose the exact date, new title and name of the new album. Album type. Today, TWICE’s official SNS released the promotional photos of the new work, officially announcing that they will release their tenth mini album “Taste of Love”.

In the past, TWICE always released new works on Mondays. The release dates for new works this time are June 9th (Wednesday) and June 11th (Friday), sparking fan discussion. TWICE through the official Twitter (Click to see), official Facebook (Click to see) It is not the same as the official Instagram promotional photos, and it also surprises fans. Not only that, but the title of this new album also unexpectedly aroused heated discussion among Taiwanese fans.

Because some Taiwanese fans literally translated “Taste of Love” into “Taste of Love” with the same name as a well-known food brand in Taiwan, it sparked heated discussions on the Internet. Someone synthesizes TWICE’s return promotion photos into the brand’s milk peanuts, sweet chili sauce and other foods. Some fans even indicated through the social platform that if “Taste of Love” reaches the list of All Kills or the MV appears on Taiwan’s YouTube fever video For the champion, a lottery is required to give away the food of the brand. This topic triggered by the literal translation of the title of the work made many Taiwanese fans laugh.

TWICE released its second official album “Eyes wide open” in October last year, and then released the digital single “CRY FOR ME” in December last year. “Taste of Love”, which is expected to be released in June, will be their first Korean work to be released in 2021. TWICE will also release the eighth Japanese single “Kura Kura” in Japan on May 12.

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