Ubisoft is not participating in E3 2023… The status of the world’s top 3 game shows is at stake

The French game company Ubisoft, famous for its Assassin’s Creed series, has announced that it will not participate in the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2023 game show.

According to Video Games Chronicle, Ubisoft originally planned to participate in E3 2023, but that plan was withdrawn, and on June 12 (local time), a separate event called ‘Ubisoft Forward’ was held in Los Angeles, USA and an event was held to reveal new game information.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft is not the only one missing out on E3 2023. In January this year, world-class game companies such as Microsoft (Xbox) and Nintendo announced that they would not participate in E3 2023. Since several years ago, more and more game companies release new information through online demonstrations through YouTube or SNS instead of expensive and time-consuming game shows, and the result seems to be crazy.

In any case, since even Ubisoft, who was a big part of E3, announced its absence, this year’s E3 is very likely to be held on a shabby scale that does not live up to its reputation as one of the three best game show in the world.


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