Ukrainian Ambassador vo! The West aims to provide more than 300 ‘tanks’.

Ukraine’s ambassador to France said on Monday that Kiev had received promises from the West to deliver more than 300 tanks, while North Korea jumped on Russia’s complaints. He accused Washington and its allies of “crossing the line” and conducting proxy wars to monopolize hegemony.

Vadim Omelchenko, Ambassador of Ukraine to Paris In an interview with the French television station BFM that “Now many countries have promised to deliver 321 heavy tanks to all of Ukraine.”

The Ukrainian ambassador refused to name the aid country. and it does not specify which model of tank it is

This week the US government Germany has promised to deliver 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, while Germany has announced 14 Leopard 2 A6 tanks.

The UK had previously announced that 14 Challenger 2 tanks, the main tanks of the British Army, would be given to Kiev, and Poland had applied to Berlin asking for permission to give Kiev some Leopard tanks as well .

The Ukrainian ambassador’s comments came as North Korea, one of Russia’s closest allies, criticized the United States. and that west “actions cross the line” by sending heavy tanks to Ukraine

The KCNA news agency released a statement from the sister of the North Korean leader, Kim Yo Jong. which states that the United States “There is an evil intention to achieve the goal of hegemony. by fighting a proxy war to destroy Russia.”

Kim Yo Jong also condemned Washington and its Western allies as “It undermines world peace and regional stability. while delivering large amounts of heavy weapons to Ukraine without ignoring Russian security concerns,” he said, stressing that North Korea is “Ready to stand in the same trenches” with the Russian people.

It is not clear when the Western heavy tanks will be delivered to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, while Omelchenko admitted that the timing of delivery depends on the type of tank and the country of origin. It is expected that there will be more clarity after representatives from Ukraine and the West hold discussions in the next round.

Still, the Ukrainian ambassador repeated President Volodymyr Zelensky’s words that Ukraine needs weapons that would change the game. “As soon as possible”

“If we had to wait until August or September, it would be too late,” Omelchenko said.

The Ukrainian army warns that it needs to strengthen its race against time. Because it is believed that Russia will launch a new attack within the next 2 months or maybe the next few weeks.

source: CNN

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