United Nations Security Council head-to-head confrontation between the United States and China, a deadlock without a conclusion

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The United States and China clashed directly at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council over North Korea’s attempt to launch a reconnaissance satellite.

The United States criticized China for not responding to North Korea’s continued provocations, and China argued that the Washington Statement had exacerbated tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Correspondent Sujin Kim in Washington.

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The United States condemned North Korea’s attempt to launch a reconnaissance satellite, saying it was in clear violation of a United Nations resolution.

The failed launch revealed that North Korea continues to develop ballistic missile technology, and prompted the Security Council to take action.

[로버트 우드/미국 주유엔 차석대사]

″North Korea repeatedly and aggressively violates the resolution. The Security Council must act in response.”

Other board members, including Britain, Japan and France, condemned North Korea’s provocations, but China and Russia instead criticized the United States.

Russia talked about the largest ever ROK-US joint fire drill held in Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province on the 25th of last month, and argued that such training rather increases tension.

China pointed out that continuing military drills by including the Korean Peninsula in the Indo-Pacific Strategy threatens the security of neighboring countries.

In particular, through the Washington Declaration, he criticized the United States for planning to send even nuclear submarines to the Korean Peninsula.

[겅솽/중국 주유엔 부대표]

“The United States continues its military operations and strengthens its military capabilities on the Korean Peninsula and in the surrounding region.”

The United States then countered that the Washington Declaration was intended to prevent a North Korean nuclear attack, not threaten it.

China said it would talk, but did not outline how it could trust the United States, which is stepping up military training.

South Korea, which attended as an interested party, urged an official Security Council response to North Korea’s provocations, but the meeting adjourned without reaching a conclusion.

This is MBC News Kim Soo-jin from Washington.


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