‘Uptrend’ Arsenal, ’10 win streak’ will Man City curse? ‘January 1 night live broadcast’ : Sports Dong-a

-‘Recent 5 victories & 7 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss at home’ Arsenal set out on a big defeat at the Emirates Stadium in August

– With perfect balance of offense and defense, ‘League 10 streak’ Man City, will they continue their winning streak in the new year? SPOTV NOW live broadcast

The 2022 Premier League will kick off with a match between Arsenal and Manchester City. Arsenal, who has scored 19 points and conceded two runs in the last five matches, and has won all of them, is aiming for a win streak against ‘leader’ Manchester City. The away team Man City, who are firmly at the top of the league, want to relive their last match-up win. The match between the two teams will be broadcast exclusively live on SPOTV ON at 9:30 pm tomorrow (Saturday, the 1st), and PC/mobile broadcasts can be seen on SPOTV NOW.

In the first match of the season at Manchester City’s home stadium in August, Manchester City won 5-0. As a result, Arsenal suffered three straight losses, including the opening game, and suffered the disgrace of falling to the bottom of the league. However, after this match, Arsenal regained stability in the defense and showed a good performance in the attacking team, and reached fourth place. Manchester City have overtaken Chelsea and Liverpool to lead the league. It is interesting to see whether Arsenal can humiliate Manchester City, who had been humiliated at the bottom of the league, or whether Manchester City will achieve the same result and acquire three points.

Arsenal are on an upward trend after a defense made up of goalkeepers Aaron Ramsdale, Ben White, Gabriel Magalliang and Kieran Tierney found stability. Young players such as Martin Odegor, Emile Smith Lowe, and Bukayo Saka were active and equipped with firepower in attack. Can Arsenal continue its ‘home power’ appearance, having recorded 7 wins and 1 draw in 8 home matches after the defeat against Chelsea, which was the first home game of the season?

Manchester City, the leader of the league, boasts an overwhelming firepower with 51 goals scored in 20 league games. They allowed only 12 runs during the same period, and are currently recording the league’s smallest run. There was no clear striker and his scoring ability was questionable until the start of the season, but a variety of players, including Bernardo Silva, Raheem Sterling, and Kevin De Bruyne, scored and proved their attack power. Manchester City, who have established themselves as the best in the league, want to give Arsenal a nightmare again from the first day of the new year.

The match between Arsenal and Manchester City, which is on the rise, will be broadcast live tomorrow (Saturday, the 1st) at 9:30 pm on SPOTV ON and SPOTV NOW.
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