Used Nissan Sunny Neo sedan, price not over 200,000 baht!

Anyone with a budget of 1-2 hundred,000 baht looking for a used car in good condition and reliable, we recommend the Nissan Sunny Neo Why is this model attractive to use? Read it at the bottom of this post.

Used Nissan Sunny Neo sedan, price not over 200,000 baht!

Nissan Sunny Neo is a used sedan car priced at ten thousand. because it has features that combine the two luxuries in a design having a durable engine There is a modern security system. and options for convenience and comfort It has disadvantages in terms of narrowness, sluggishness and fuel consumption.

tank dimension

Body structure Zone Body Concept, body code N16, body dimensions 1,710 mm wide, 4,470 mm long, 1,445 mm high and 2,535 mm wheelbase, compared to Japanese car brands combined. It is a comfortable sedan. First and second row seat distance quite wide to sit comfortably


Round headlights and classic taillights The curved front bumper looks more modern than the 80s which will have a square design. Comes with fog lights to match the headlights. The turn signal blends with the headlights, looks beautiful and perfect, and the teardrop-shaped rear lights look perfect. looks round with the headlights


The interior is versatile. There is a storage compartment for glasses. The cushion is cream coloured, looks comfortable and is not uncomfortable. The light for the passenger compartment shines. it can still be used comfortably There are storage boxes and drawers in the front. Can give a lot of fussy stuff

engine and undercarriage

Nissan Sunny Neo is sold in Thailand with 2 engine specifications: QG16DE 1.6-liter gasoline 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve VTC engine with a maximum power of 118 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 1.8-liter gasoline engine QD18DE with 128 horsepower. Use a macpherson strut front suspension system And the rear is a multi-link torsion beam. Front wheel drive with 5-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic transmission.

and security system

  • genuine leather seat
  • electric folding side mirrors
  • Side mirrors fold down automatically
  • Remote key with built-in tailgate opener
  • As for the security system, it is complete.
  • 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS help absorb impact. and it also has dual front airbags in the top version

You can see that the Nissan Sunny Neo is still a nice car to use. If you do not focus on driving long distances focus on daily driving it is still considered to be used fairly well The fuel economy rate is in the medium level. it is considered to be in the receiving area Anyone with a budget of less than 1-2 hundred thousand baht can go in and have a look. It’s always another interesting option.

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