Home Health Virus researchers reveal research, injecting mRNA with 3 needles in monkeys that grow high but fall quickly, hope they have 4 or not.

Virus researchers reveal research, injecting mRNA with 3 needles in monkeys that grow high but fall quickly, hope they have 4 or not.

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Dr. Anan Chongkaewwatana, a researcher in virology, Biotech, revealed the results of an experimental trial of mRNA vaccination of 3 modern needles in monkeys. It was found that immunity improved but fell quickly. Pointing still can’t compare to the human body. I’m excited to have 4 needles or not.

Today (22 Oct.) Dr. Anan Chongkaewwatana, a virologist Director of Animal Health and Management Innovation Research Group National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (Biotech), National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) posted on Facebook “Anan Jongkaewwattana” about the results of the 3 mRNA vaccination test results in Monkey found that the landscape was really high, but it also decreased quickly. Dr. Anan stated that

“The principle of immunity states that when the third dose of stimulation needle is injected, the antibody value rises. This is clear information. But the controversial question is Stimulate the third needle and the improved immunity will last a long time. Or did it fall later than what was found after the second needle? if stay longer continuous needle stimulation It might not be necessary. or wait a long time At present, there is not much information on the level of post-three-dose immunity in humans. because it was in the waiting period after the immune system was ejected after the stimulation needle After a while, you’ll see a clear picture.

But the data tested in the monkeys previously tested And recently published in the journal Science, it doesn’t come out very well: monkeys who received two doses of Moderna’s mRNA saw the background of the second needle start to fall over and over. But it takes about 29 weeks after the first dose or 5-6 months after the second dose. The landscape will fall about 10 times and when receiving the 3rd needle, the landscape will jump higher than when the second needle is expected. But the information that everyone wants to know is How long does the better landscape last? The resulting graph shows that Immune sensitivity came to near the level after the second dose within 8 weeks (2 months) after the 3rd dose stimulation, which came down quite quickly. If the graph plummets down to the original level Immune levels may fall to pre-stimulation levels faster than expected…but the research team did not continue to collect data. This is because research has first challenged monkeys with the virus to determine if the invasive immune system was sufficient to prevent infection. The level is not very low, so there should not be a problem with protection.

This information does not belong to people. The differences between monkeys and people may not be the same at all. I would have to bring the data from people to compare whether the fourth needle might come faster or not.”

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