Visa completed, Kaen Nakhon, ready to fly 2 lines Inoue in Japan

The progress of the World Championship 2 institutions between Naoya Inoue, the owner of the WBA World Boxing Association and the IBF International Boxing Federation, 118 pound bantamweight, with “Chao Tong” Kaen Nakhon GPP, Pearl Sailing Boat, who Challenge Thais The fight will take place at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan on December 14, 64, there is no live broadcast in Thailand.

Most recently, on November 18, 21, Phum Kosolset, a Thai coordinator, revealed that today he has received a visa at the consular department. The Embassy of Japan in Witthayu Road area is completed, all 4 people are Kaen Nakhon and their followers include Dr. Ekarat Chaichotchuang, Manager, Faasai Sakkririn, a trainer and him as an interpreter and assistant trainer. After a long period of time for a visa application with the current covid crisis.

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For the Kaen Nakhon team It is scheduled to travel on Sunday, November 28, 64 by Japan Airlines at about 8:00 a.m., arriving at Narita Airport around 16:00 the same day.
“Before traveling, we need to have a certificate for COVID-19 testing 72 hours in advance. will still have to undergo another round of covid testing according to his entry rules After passing, there will be a team of promoter Hideyuki Ohashi waiting to pick up a private van. This is because the Japanese government does not allow foreigners to enter the country and use public transportation. will not be able to take the train or bus into the city as usual,” said Poom.

Then the team of “Chao Tong” Kaen Nakhon will head to the Richmond Hotel Yokohama Ekimae in Yokohama. which is far from Tokyo Travel time is about an hour. To stay and keep for a long time until the day of the fight It will be a contract for the entire hotel floor. The team of 4 Thai fighters without outsiders involved in any way. according to covid surveillance measures

The Thai coordinator, nicknamed “Wolf of Kansai,” added that This pair of world championship battles, although Thai fighters are inferior in sight But the interest of Japanese fans wants to see the form of Monster (Inoue)’s fight in Japan again. After going to fight in America for up to two years, in addition, Ryuhei Arakawa, a Japanese boxer who had been burned by the city core (lost by knockout 2) at Korakkuen Hall, returned to show form. good Won the same national boxing match only in the first round

Thus making the boxing fans of the rising sun. I want to see Inoue avenge his compatriots by defeating Kaen Nakhon to be decisive after Chao Tong is the second Thai boxer in 14 years to ever defame the local boxer in the Korakkuen Hall ring. l which was considered the mecca of Japanese boxing two years ago.”

In addition, last week Japanese media The team also brought the team to ask for interviews and tape recordings of Kaen Nakhon’s rehearsals to be published in Japan as well.


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