[VOA 뉴스] Simultaneous Sanctions Against North Korea US, South Korea and Japan… Strengthening ‘Trilateral Ties’

The United States, South Korea and Japan simultaneously announced sanctions against North Korea in response to successive North Korean ballistic missile launches. The White House said it showed a stronger trilateral relationship, and the State Department criticized China and Russia for being passive in implementing the resolution on North Korea, saying they were coordinating closely with allies and members of the United Nations Security Council. United in preparation for North Korea’s seventh nuclear. proof. Reporter Ham Ji-ha reports. (Video editing: Lee Sang-do)

Adrian Watson, the NSC spokesman on behalf of the National Security Council at the White House, reiterated the readiness of the three countries to respond jointly to a series of North Korean ballistic missile launches.

In a statement released on the 2nd, spokesman Watson said that the United States, South Korea and Japan have announced sanctions against senior officials and agencies of the Workers’ Party of Korea for supporting North Korea’s illegal weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs It shows the stronger trilateral relationship between Japan and Korea.

“The sanctions have been successful in slowing the development of North Korea’s illegal weapons program,” he said. “As North Korea adjusts its tactics in the face of international pressure, we continue to take all available measures to further limit the development of its destabilizing. weapons program.” I emphasized that I would use the tool.

The US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control previously sanctioned three North Korean Labor Party officials on the 1st, and the South Korean government designated 8 individuals and 7 organizations involved in North Korea’s nuclear and missile development as subject to sanctions independent of the 2nd, Korean Peninsula time.

On the same day, Japan also put three North Korean groups and one individual on the sanctions list, while the United States, South Korea and Japan pressured North Korea at the same time.

In a telephone briefing on the 2nd, the State Department repeatedly emphasized cooperation with the international community, including the United Nations, in response to a reporter’s question about “the possibility of an additional North Korean nuclear test and the United States’ response to it. “

Ned Price / US State Department Spokesman
“We are coordinating closely with our treaty allies in the Indo-Pacific and our partners and allies around the world. We also liaise closely with UN allies and partners. It is a place where the United Nations Security Council has worked together in the past to hold North Korea accountable for its provocations.”

Price went on to take aim at China and Russia, saying, “We believe that all countries in the United Nations system, especially the members of the United Nations Security Council, especially the permanent members of the Security Council, need to implement the Security full The Council’s decisions have been passed.”

Ned Price / US State Department Spokesman
“It is important that the members of the Security Council, especially the permanent members, implement the measures they have adopted. Otherwise, the international system that has been central to our security, stability and prosperity for over 80 years since the Second World War will be undermined.”

Speaker Price pointed out that he had not seen the implementation of tough resolutions on North Korea by China and Russia, the permanent members, and reiterated that we continue to encourage all members of the Security Council, including these two permanent members, to keep them bound. promises.

This is VOA News Hamjiha.

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