word of the year “gaslighting” 2022

Foreign news agencies said that “Merriam-Webster”, a famous dictionary publisher in the United States. announced that the term “Gaslighting,” which translates to “bad or highly misleading”, is the word of the year for 2022 as the word has seen an almost 18 times increase in searches. People are very interested in searching through throughout the year.

from the publisher Merriam-Webster reveals that the term “gaslighting” has become the buzzword of a generation. In the midst of this age, there is fake information, fake news, conspiracy theories, Twitter trolling. and synthetic media creation technologies to hide personality traits The term “gaslighting” refers to actions or behaviors that greatly mislead a person for their own benefit. With up to 1740 percent of searches for this word during the year 2022 (2022)

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