Xbox Keystone streaming game console development plan delayed: production cost more expensive than Series X at any time!?|Game Information

Currently, Xbox already has a high-end X Series host and a basic S Series host, and the price is not particularly high! And Xbox has been planning to launch a host that is cheaper than Series S, smaller, and has only streaming functionality. The plan is named the Keystone code, so that fans can play Xbox with a lower threshold, but earlier the CEO of Xbox Phil Spencer received an interview At that time, he revealed that he had always hoped that the price of this host could drop at $99-129, that is, about $1,000 Hong Kong dollars However, with the increase in chip prices, if it is to be launched, the price will be close to the S Series in minutes. In order to avoid competition with each other, Keystone will launch no interim period.

However, Xbox has not stopped streaming game plans. Although there is no console designed for streaming only, it has begun to cooperate with Samsung this year. Samsung 2022 in designated areas can download the Xbox TV App , as long as there is a supported mobile phone. Switch and subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to play streaming games, it currently supports over 100 Xbox Game Pass games! It can be seen that Xbox has not abandoned the development plan of streaming game devices. You can wait and see!

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