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Rail union strike notice withdrawn… dramatic labour-management deal


After a last-minute war between labor and management of the Korea Railroad Corporation and Korail, a tentative agreement on wage revision and collective bargaining was reached.

Accordingly, the rail union’s strike plan, which had been announced from 9 am today, was withdrawn.

For more news, let’s contact the press office.

Correspondent Kim Jong-ryeok.


Yes, KORAIL and the rail union said they had succeeded in reaching an interim wage agreement and collective bargaining.

As a result, the rail union’s strike plan, announced from 9 am today, was withdrawn, and all trains were operating as normal.

Previously, the rail union had been negotiating with KORAIL since last April, demanding the introduction of a promotion points system, a flat wage increase of 187,000 won per month, maintenance of the current incentive payment standard, and opposition to rail privatisation.

The two sides entered into main talks from 4:20 pm yesterday, the day before the general strike, but it ended after 20 minutes after only confirming the positions of both sides.

However, at 11:50 pm, about 7 hours later, negotiations resumed at KORAIL’s request.

The specific agreement has not yet been disclosed, but it is said that the proposal for a pay rise and the introduction of the promotion points system has led to acceptable results for both parties.

The final agreement will be completed through the Expanded Dispute Countermeasures Committee and a general meeting of union members to be held at 3:00pm today.

It is known that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport will announce its position regarding this discussion near Seoul Station at 10:00 am today.

If the rail union goes ahead with the strike, the damage to the logistics industry and the industry, which is already visible due to the freight union strike, will intensify, and inconvenience to rail use is expected as KTX, but the worst has happened. be avoided with a temporary agreement.

So far, it has been reported by the press office.

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