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[날씨] Typhoon number 14 ‘Nan Madol’ heading north… Typhoon warning in the southern seas


Typhoon No. 14 ‘Nanmadol’ will go to Japan, but strong winds and rain will blow on Jeju Island and the coast of Yeongnam, which are affected by the typhoon.

Inland, the late heat is rampant.

For more detailed weather, we will contact the weather broadcaster.

Jinyeonji Cast.


Yes, Typhoon No. 14 ‘Nanmadol’ is heading to Japan with a very strong force.

It will steer clear of Korea, but the strong wind radius is so wide that the coasts of Jeju and Yeongnam will be directly affected.

As a result, a typhoon warning is currently issued for Jeju Island and the distant seas of the South Sea, and a typhoon advisory is issued for the distant seas in the southern part of the East Sea.

A strong wind advisory is in effect on Jeju Island.

A gale with a maximum instantaneous wind speed of over 25 m/s will hit Jeju, the coast of Yeongnam, and Yeongdong.

Be aware of safety hazards.

By tomorrow, it will rain more than 150mm on the Yeongnam coast and up to 100mm on Yeongdong, Ulleungdo and Dokdo in Gangwon.

Up to 80mm of rain is also expected in Jeju’s mountainous areas.

The waves will be strong with rain and strong wind.

Waves will be very high in Jeju and the southern seas, up to 10 meters high.

There is a possibility of storm surge, so you need to be careful about safety accidents along the coast.

Late heat continues in areas where there is no rain.

It will rise to 30 degrees in Seoul and 32 degrees in Gwangju in the middle of the day.

So far, the Seoul Forest has reported the weather.

(Jinyeonji Weather Cast)

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