Yoo Dong-gyu “Daejang-dong’s 140,000 li. Lee Jae-myung is a taboo word”… Second attendance next week?

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Yoo Dong-kyu, the former head of the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, continued to speak with determination, pointing to CEO Lee Jae-myeong as being behind the Daejang-dong project today as well as yesterday.

“CEO Jae-myung Lee was the body that made the vast business go smoothly, and at the time, the name Jae-myung Lee was a taboo word, but all the developers knew it,” he said. .

Reporter Shin Jae-woong covered the story.

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Dong-gyu Yoo, the former head of the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, stood before the reporters again.

Unlike the other day when I borrowed the lawyer’s mouth, this time I opened my mouth.

[유동규/전 성남도시개발공사 본부장]

“How could it all have happened in a flash? Those huge things… There’s nothing like coming down from Seongnam City or revisiting them later.”

Seongnam Mayor Lee Jae-myung at the time was the body of Daejang-dong development and preferential treatment.

In the ‘Transcript of Young-Hak Jeong’, the Daejang-dong gang explained that the owner of Cheonhwa-dong No.

[유동규/전 성남도시개발공사 본부장]

“Governor Lee Jae-myung, at that time, what would the name really be?

“When CEO Lee denies everything and is caught, he repeats something else,” he said.

Former general manager Yoo said he would not be doing interviews in the future, saying he would speak in the court case.

The prosecution called Kim Man-bae and Jeong Young-hak, an accountant, to cross-check the facts of the statement submitted by Lee.

It is very likely that the second investigation on Lee will be postponed until next weekend, not this week.

This Saturday, the 4th, the Democratic Party decided to hold a ‘National Report Competition’ in downtown Seoul, and Sunday, the 5th, is the 100th day of the 10.29 disaster, and various commemorative events are expected to be attended.

When asked if the investigation would be delayed more than expected, the prosecution only replied that it was coordinating the schedule with Lee’s lawyer and spared his words.

This is MBC News Shin Jae-woong.

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