You must not laugh or talk, you must stand for hours; Do you know the salary of the British Royal Guards? | Salary of UK royal guards

Work is an important part of a person’s life. In the same way, have you thought how much bodyguards who are bodyguards for the British royal family will be paid? They are called the Royal Guard. This job is mostly done by men. As members of the British Army, they are well paid. Pay varies based on rank in uniform. That means higher ranked guards earn more money.

The British Army is quite different from the US Army. A special section of the army is appointed as the Royal Guard. Not everyone who joins the British Army becomes a Royal Guard. Guards have to work for 48 hours continuously.

Sometimes you have to wait a long time. Usually the estimate is two hours. However, it can sometimes take up to six hours. They also have a particular style of dress. Guards are more prone to fainting because they stand for long periods in uniform in extreme heat. They should not laugh or talk while on watch. Doing so will also cancel that day’s pay. A fine will also be imposed.

Are they getting paid for their hard work? A British soldier earns an average of $21,228 a year. That is 2.60 crore rupees. The average British civil servant earns $32,1818 a year. According to the OECD’s Better Life Index, the average salary of a Briton is $33,000 a year.

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