[날씨] A little rain and snow in the central part of the country

The cold had gone away, but snow clouds came in through the cracks.

If you look at the current radar, it is raining or snowing very lightly in various places in the central and northern regions.

In the future, the cloud belt in the north will develop further and move south, affecting most of the country by tomorrow morning.

In particular, up to 5 in the inland and mountainous regions of Gangwon, where the temperature is relatively low, and up to 3 cm of snow in eastern Gyeonggi and northern Chungbuk can also fall and accumulate.

In most parts of the country, including Seoul, there will be little or no snow.

Also, as smog enters behind the cloud belt, the dust concentration across the country may temporarily rise to a bad level tomorrow.

The dust will be quickly pushed away by the cold wind from the day, but instead the day will be cold again.

The temperature in Seoul during the day tomorrow will drop to minus 1 degree Celsius, about 3 degrees lower than today, and to minus 9 degrees Celsius on Monday morning.

The skies will gradually clear across the country tomorrow, but dry weather will continue in the metropolitan area and eastern regions.

The wind is strong, so be careful.

The temperature in Seoul tomorrow morning will be similar to today, including minus 6 degrees Celsius.

The daytime temperature will stay at minus 1 degree Celsius in Seoul, 3 degrees in Daejeon, and 5 degrees in Daegu.

Rain or snow was forecast for the central region on Monday.

Heavy rain is expected throughout next week.

It was the weather.

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