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[스포츠]Jinyoung Ko, the golf queen who overcame the ‘year of crisis’ with ‘the best year’

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Jinyoung Ko’s anti-war drama, who won the LPGA Tour’s ‘Player of the Year’, ‘Price King’ and ‘Many Wins’, is evaluated to be more valuable because it is the best performance made under the worst conditions.

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Jin-young Ko’s first words, returning after winning the LPGA Money Champion and her second Player of the Year for three consecutive years, were a game-changer.

[고진영 / 2021 LPGA ‘올해의 선수’ : 그 어느 해보다 마지막 역전극이라고 해야 하나요. 마무리가 조금 더 짜릿했기 때문에 기억에 남는 한 해가 될 것 같습니다.]

However, as he confessed to himself that it was a season of great ups and downs, 2021 was a tougher time for Ko Jin-young than any other year since entering the US in 2018.

At the beginning of the season, Jinyoung Ko, who was shocked by the news of her grandmother’s passing and the fact that she could not attend the funeral and funeral due to Corona 19, suffered a wrist injury this time.

Wrist pain was only widely known as a fighting spirit in the last competition this week, but it has already interfered with normal training six months ago.

[고진영 / 유튜브 영상 : 손목이 아프고 이런저런 핑계지만 손목 때문에 (뭐 때문에) 연습스윙을 많이 못 했더니 스윙감을 사실 못 찾았어요. (스윙은 많이 아쉽고) 그렇지만 좋은 점은 쇼트 게임이 많이 좋아졌다는 거….]

Jinyoung Ko, who had not won a championship until the end of June, eventually gave up the world No.

And in early July, the long-awaited first victory of the season was finally successful, but the Tokyo Olympics, which were held in the sweltering heat and pressure, were once again disappointing.

While rival Koda rose to the top of the podium with a gold medal, Jin-young Ko finished her disappointing Olympic challenge with a tie for 9th.

Jin-young Ko, who was rather uneasy after the Olympics, had a lot of victories, and by winning the final tournament comeback, she took the Athlete of the Year, multiple victories and prize money in her arms.

Recorded at-bats in the 60s for 14 consecutive rounds, 100% green hits on 63 consecutive holes, and the best 9-under-par 63 in the last day of the tournament.

He has won 5 times, more than half of the 9 competitions he has participated in since July, but he doesn’t give himself enough points.

[고진영 / 세계 랭킹 2위 : 한 80점 정도 주고 싶습니다. 메이저대회에서의 아쉬움이랑 도쿄올림픽에서의 아쉬움이 한 20점 정도 되는 것 같습니다.]

Golf Queen, who said that she overcame golf puberty, flies back to America next month to prepare for a return to world number one and hunting for a major after resting and treatment.

This is YTN Kim Sang-ik.

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