Handok Chairman Kim Young-jin, ETC/OTC decision successful?

[팍스넷뉴스 최홍기 기자] Handok Chairman Kim Young-jin (Photo) pays off. Industry analysts say Handok, which has been growing steadily for several years, is raising expectations for improving profitability by focusing on ETC rather than the health functional food business under Chairman Kim Young-jin. According to industry sources on the 28th, Handok recorded 9.4 billion won […]

Big script “Identifying all the deceased” … Support for funeral costs

◀ anchor ▶ With the identities of all 155 dead, the government has decided to provide full-scale support for funeral and medical costs. However, there was criticism that the preparation and content was poor, given the press brief of the main script. By Kim Jae-kyung, staff reporter. ◀ Report ▶ The government has decided to […]

Japan is investing $43 billion to intervene in the Yen

Japan’s Finance Ministry said on Monday that the Japanese government intervened several times in the yen in October. And it spent 6.35 trillion yen, or 43 billion dollars, to support the continued fall of the Yen. Kyodo News Agency reported, citing an inside source. The Japanese government has secretly intervened in the Yen to support […]

A female themed drama in the form of an absurd comedy is surprising people

Original title: A female-themed drama in the form of an absurd comedy surprises people What has been a surprise to the audience recently are dramas on the theme of women. From “Rock and Roll” to “Ripple Heart”, women’s dramas have become more diverse, interesting and beautiful. Unlike “Rock and Roll”, which has cool characters and […]

BGPU has appointed Matthew Smith as its new manager.

After parting ways with Coach Samurai a few days later, the BGPU board announced the appointment of Coach Kangaroo, old bot Matthew Smith, who has already promoted himself to coach. It’s the same thing. hired gun Along the path of a career film player who cannot escape the word who is good, who is There […]

‘Come Easy Kingdom AIR Mini RGB’ conveys fashion and functionality

If you want to configure an entry-level PC using built-in graphics or a cheap graphics card, a small tower with small size and space usage will be more practical than a large mid-tower. In particular, the recently released mini-tower case has excellent cooling capacity and durability as well as functionality similar to a mid-tower case. […]

New York Stock Market: Dow closes 128.85 points | RYT9

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed lower on Monday (October 31) as investors eyed the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) monetary policy meeting on November 1-2, amid expectations the Fed’s growth was higher which will raise interest rates by 0.75% on this of meeting time The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 32,732.95, down 128.85, or -0.39%, […]

Do you know this butterfly music… – Janayugom Online

Devika Through the door November 1, 2022 4:20 am mLayali like that. They do not see the dark reality in front of them. For curiosity we must all look at the unrealities in the distance with curiosity. Aren’t we rushing after telling stories like Swapna, Sarita and Governor? In the meantime we forget the stories […]