A ‘team leader’ became in the crowd when Messi lost; “Argentina will return” – Ramesh Susheelan FIFA World Cup 2022

1986. When Maradona lifted the World Cup for Argentina, the world shook. The magic of the short man with the ball on the pitch in Mexico won many Argentine fans even in small Kerala. Ramesh Sushilan, a native of Kottayam Etumanoor, was 12 years old at that time, in that small mind he also took the place of Maradona and Argentina. As time changed, Messi replaced Maradona.

Time rolls on like a football. Meanwhile, Ramesh’s life went to Qatar. The announcement in 2010 that Qatar had been chosen as the venue for the 2022 World Cup upset Ramesh as much as anyone. Hope to get a chance to experience the excitement of the World Cup and meet Messi. Ramesh’s 12-year stay blossomed on November 22. Ramesh was at the forefront as Argentina took on Saudi Arabia at the Lusail Stadium, wearing the FIFA volunteer team leader’s hat.

He saw the man who wrote poetry with football – Messi – on the pitch. Even when the heart was full of joy, the defeat of Argentina was new. But there is faith that Messi and his team will come back strong. Ramesh Sushilan, one of the FIFA Volunteer Team Leaders, shares his World Cup experience.

∙ 1986 in memory

An Argentina fan was born in me when the legend Maradona lifted the World Cup. Maradona is the reason why Argentina has so many fans around the world. It sparked my generation’s football addiction. Love every team and its best players. Watch all the exciting games. But love for Argentina is above that. After Maradona, Messi gave Argentina a World Cup hope. Another legend. How many times have you been amazed and delighted to see Messi on TV running away from his opponents and running with the ball. I really wanted to see him play in person. That was finally possible. Now we wait to see those hands lift the World Cup.



Ramesh Sushilan

∙ To Qatar

Arrived in Doha to work in 2006. Administrative Manager at Jaida Motors and Trading Company. His wife Jyoti Lakshmi is a nurse here. Gauri’s daughter in 10th standard. He has volunteered for many events such as 2006 Asian Games, IAAF Games, Tribeca Film Festival, Qatar Marine Festival and Qatar Kite Festival. There was excitement when Qatar was announced as the venue for the 2022 World Cup. I knew I would never get another chance like this. So I applied to be a volunteer. There are several levels of interviews. All done. There were many candidates. 20,000 people were taken from her.



Ramesh Sushilan

He also had the opportunity to be one of the 1,500 volunteer team leaders at the Qatar World Cup. The task is to instruct the volunteers and ensure that things are done properly. Duty will start four hours before spectators enter. After the competition, the duty is until all the volunteers finish their duty and return. 9 hour duty to be exact.



Those who came to watch the match between Saudi Arabia and Argentina at Lucail Stadium

∙ Magic Messi

My duty is at the Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium. One should only go for the matches held in that stadium. This post is unpaid. However, FIFA will provide free tickets as an incentive. That’s how I got the chance to watch the Argentina-Saudi Arabia match. Got a front row seat.

So I watched Messi’s game. It was a sight for the eyes and the mind. I don’t know how to describe the joy I felt at that moment. There are billions of Messi fans all over the world. Glad to have been lucky enough to see him play in person. The whole stadium seemed to be waiting to see Messi. Messi’s calls brought the stadium to a standstill. There is certainly the pain of that defeat from the heights of hope. But this is Messi. Defeats are sure to be corrected and come back. Still believe he was lucky to see Messi lift the World Cup.



Argentina captain Lionel Messi’s joy after scoring a goal against Saudi Arabia. Photo: FB@FIFAWorldCup

Father Sushilan Nair was an ardent football fan. No matter what the World Cup comes, he won’t miss a single game. It gave me the opportunity to watch and understand football. He wanted to watch Qatar 2022 World Cup live. But he left us in a road accident in 2021. Despite these joys, the loss is painful.

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