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The Japanese card RPG adventure mobile game “Sakura Story” published by the game company Neversoft will be pre-registered at EROLABS today (13). The event page only releases information about the “Gentleman’s Edition” character story and event login rewards.

Human beings, who possess wisdom and the power of magic from God, have been fighting against the fallen angels for hundreds of years. In the long war, the power of the fallen angels has grown stronger and stronger, and humans are gradually unable to compete with them. They have no choice but to use their own magic power as a bargaining chip to trade with. the gods.


With the help of the gods, mankind defeated the fallen angels, and this centuries-old war finally ended. They started to build their own kingdoms in different places and live a life of peace and contentment, but time flies, and the sealed magic power is gradually revived and awakened. The monsters that n are affected by the magic power of fallen angels moving silently around. ..

The world today is still in turmoil, humans are obsessed with ambition and desire, and kingdoms are constantly at war. Cinderella, the queen of the “Northern Kingdom”, who was surrounded by powerful enemies, accidentally called a man who called himself the “Demon King” and concluded a mysterious contract with her. A storm to sweep the world is coming…

Establish special bonds with women and unlock practical super-sexual H-plots

Players will play the man who calls himself the “Demon King”. In this wonderful journey, get to know women from different classic myths, novels and fairy tales, such as the somewhat natural North Wind, the crazy and petite Little Red Riding Hood, in order to reverse the stereotype The big wolf creates impressed and works hard, etc.


Lupshi (Big Wolf) – Mmmm… rub OO like this… it tingles…


“Sakura Story” has officially opened for pre-registration at EROLABS. If the number of participants reaches the specified target, they can get rich rewards such as “10 Hero Summoning Tickets” and “Diamond x2500”.

For more information, please refer to the official image official website, official fan group, and official Twitter.

“Sakura Story” pre-registration page:


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